How long do the products have a guarantee?

For all motorized FUN FACTORY toys we offer a 2 year warranty with the submission of a sales receipt.

What are FUN FACTORY products made of?

All FUN FACTORY toy sheaths are made from 100% medical grade silicone: non porous, completely washable (although all models are water resistant for cleaning, not all are completely submersible). There is a VERY low chance of allergic reaction; our silicone is finished by hand without chemical treatments or processes.

Control units are made from ABS plastic, a rigid, durable and shock resistant material.

Please seek a qualified medical professional with any allergy concerns or questions.

Can I take the toy in the bath with me?

All rechargeable FUN FACTORY toys and those which have a “swimming badge” on their product page and manual declare them to be 100% waterproof. Battery operated toys are water resistant, but not suitable for underwater fun.

I just purchased a new FUN FACTORY toy and it will not turn on. Why?

Some FUN FACTORY toys come equipped with a lock feature to allow for discreet traveling - to unlock your toy hold the "FUN" button together with the "+" button for 1.5 seconds. If you later wish to lock your toy again, hold the "FUN" button along with the "-" button for 1.5 seconds.

My rechargeable toy stopped working and doesn't seem to charge

The USB Charger is generally responsible for the problem. If the charger light does not light up red when plugged in and connected to the toy, contact us or your local retailer for a replacement charger. 

The magnetic charging contacts on some toys can be very sensitive, make sure the charging toy has complete and steady contact for the duration of the charge.

Note: The toy will not operate while being charged. Make sure your toy is disconnected from the charger before attempting to turn it on.

If issues persist, contact FUN FACTORY at for assistance. 

My battery-operated toy won't turn off, or is behaving strangely

If the product is battery operated, make sure the batteries are inserted properly, with the + and – poles in the correct position (as indicated by the diagram inside the battery compartment). FUN FACTORY toys operate best using Alkaline batteries. 

Incorrectly inserted batteries may cause the toy to vibrate erratically and not turn off. 

For how long do I need to charge my new toy?

FUN FACTORY recommends charging new toys overnight before the first use; starting with a strong charge ensures a long and healthy battery life for your new toy. Lithium memory batteries cannot be over or under-charged after the initial full charge. 

Note: Toys will not operate while charging. 

How do I charge my toy with the included cable?

All rechargeable FUN FACTORY toys come with magnetic USB Click 'n Charge cables for universal charging no matter where in the world you and your toy go. The male USB connection can be plugged in to a computer USB port or used with any power adaptor for wall charging. 

Tip: Plug in your toy using a USB wall adaptor for a faster charge. 

What is better – a water-based or silicone-based lubricant?

Silicone toys should never be used with a silicone-based lubricant because the silicone-based gel is very difficult to remove from the toy without leaving any residue. Despite intense cleaning, the toy can become unhygienic. Please use TOYFLUID from FUN FACTORY, which is specially water-based and made for use with erotic silicone toys.

How long can I wear Smartballs?

To start off we recommend wearing them for around fifteen minutes and to steadily increase the time with each training. The SMARTBALLS should not remain in the body for more than a few hours, because even your pelvic floor muscles need a break.

The strongest training effect comes from using them regularly. We recommend 2-3 times a week.

My toy handle is damaged when employing a cleaner. Why?

It's possible the cleaning agent is too aggressive. It's best to clean your toy with a toy cleaner or mild soap.

How can I become a FUN FACTORY tester?

If you are interested in testing or reviewing a product, contact us at Please include any information about blogs, twitter accounts etc. that you operate. When there is a need, we will contact you.