Power to the Clit

    • Tapping tips heighten sensitivity & arousal
    • Powerful vibe in a couples-friendly size
    • Made for the clit, and great for BJs, nipples & more!
    • Deep, rumbling vibration
    • 6 speeds & 6 patterns
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    • Vitamin
    • Blackberry
    • Petrol
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    External Vibrator VOLTA: Clit Approved

    Energize your sex life with this dynamic vibrator! The VOLTA’s tips flutter against the clit and labia with every rumble from its deep, powerful motor.  Their rhythmic motion stimulates blood flow and increases sensitivity, making vibration more fun than ever! 

    • Lock function for easy travel
    • Intuitive button interface
    • Charge indicator lights
    • Low battery warning
    • Non-porous and hypoallergenic
    • 45 minutes of play on highest speed
    • 4-6 hour initial charge
    • 18,9 cm/7.4” length
    • 4,7 cm/1.9” diameter
    • Designed and handcrafted in Germany
    • Rechargeable – Love the Earth.
    • Body-safe materials — Love yourself.
    • Waterproof – Get wet.

    Whether you’re teasing yourself with the lightest touch of the VOLTA’s tips or lying back and letting the highest setting blow you away, this vibe offers the power and versatility you crave.

    Let the dynamic tips utter against the clit for incredibly powerful sensation.

    Cover your hotspots in vibration! Place one tip against the clit and one against the vaginal opening.

    Place one tip on either side of the shaft and use the VOLTA as a stroker – awesome for BJs!

    The movement of the VOLTA’s dynamic tips amplify its vibration, boost your arousal, and heighten sensitivity, letting you feel more than ever before. Explore a range of sensations from the wild percussion of the moving tips against your hotspots to classic vibration when you press the VOLTA against your body. You can even warm up with a light touch and then amp up the vibration and pressure when you want to get down to business. We recommend that you try positioning the tips in different places—on either side of the clit, against the hood, with one tip against the vaginal opening, around the labia—and find your favorite way to vibe with the VOLTA.

    With all the strength of a much larger toy in a lightweight, ergonomic package, the VOLTA is perfect for folks who want to add serious power to their partner sex. Love your wand, but don’t want to pull it out on a first date? The lightweight, quiet VOLTA slips easily between your bodies and gives you the strong vibration you need, without interrupting your flow.

    Feeling generous? Share the FUN! The VOLTA makes a great addition to blowjobs, nipple stimulation, and more. Pro tip: using a little water-based lube, put the tips on either side of the shaft and use the Volta as a stroker.

    Chasing an orgasm that starts deep in your body and makes you see stars? Look no further. The VOLTA’s powerful motor offers the rumbling, bass tone vibration that our customers love.

    The VOLTA’s loop handle makes it easy to hold your toy exactly where you want it, even when your hands are covered in lube. The positioning of the raised buttons makes it simple and intuitive to try a new speed or vibration pattern without interrupting the action. Best of all, the VOLTA is shaped to feel amazing against your clit and labia no matter which angle you try. 

    • SKU 1141023 - EAN 4032498806150 (neon orange)
    • SKU 1141064 - EAN 4032498806167 (blackberry)
    • SKU 1141074 - EAN 4032498806174 (petrol)

    It's submersible waterproof!


    6 vibration intensities and 6 vibration rhythms give diverse pleasures.


    VOLTA is a battery operated vibrator with an attached and integrated battery charger inside the toy. It is charged using the original MAGNETIC CHARGER of the CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE system.


    All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND produced in Bremen, Germany.


    FUN FACTORY offers a diverse and colorful spectrum of toys all made with 100% medical-grade silicone!


    Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water and a mild soap. The CLEANER is especially suited for cleaning erotic toys as well as for gently washing genital areas.


    A few drops of water-based lubricant ensure comfort when inserting your toy. FUN FACTORY recommends our TOYFLUID, which is especially manufactured for use with toys.

    WARNING: The use of silicone-based lubricants, oils, and creams (suntan lotion or sunscreen, lip care products, essential oils, coconut oil, and edible oils of all types) can cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the entire toy. Please DO NOT use any of the products listed above in combination with a FUN FACTORY toy. The use of any of these products with your toy may void your warranty.


    For more information please download our user manual.




    7.4 in. and Ø 1.8 in.; 0.43 lb


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