Our 2022 Sex Resolutions & What We’re Leaving in 2021

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Want to become a happier, more fulfilled person in 2022? You could get a gym membership, read a book every week, or start cooking at home more, but the ultimate mood-booster is still sex, in our (very biased) opinion. Our recommendation: Adopt the sex resolutions below to get more joy and exploration out of every session.

On top of the usual resolutions, we made anti-resolutions, too. Below, you’ll also find a list of the trends to leave in 2021—for everyone’s sake.


2022 Sex Resolutions 

Take away the taboo: Increasingly, people who play with sex toys are unafraid to talk about them with their partners and even their friends. That’s good news, because candid talk about pleasure—and maybe especially the obstacles to pleasure—creates a healthy and sex-positive culture. In 2022, tell the people in your life about the toys and techniques you’re loving, especially if they boosted your sexual confidence. 

Gift sex toys: We know that giving a sex toy can be daunting, but if you approach it thoughtfully, you’re treating someone to endless hours of FUN—read our guide on how to gift a sex toy for tips. In 2022, on your best friend’s and/or your partner’s birthday, help them feel the pleasure they deserve. Consider a versatile bestseller like BOOTIE or VOLTA if you’re not sure what to pick.

Peg fearlessly: In 2021, more of you strapped on harnesses and got busy than we’ve ever seen before. Anal play can be FUN for people in all types of bodies, with all types of sexualities, and we hope people keep exploring it in 2022. Harnesses like the SHAREVIBE will make every thrust even hotter.

Embrace lube: Lube is the accessory that does it all: Makes vaginas happy at any time of the month, makes anal FUN, and keeps toys gliding along smoothly. In 2022, stock up on a water-based formula so you never run out in the middle of a session.

Sex Stuff to Leave in 2021

Buying poorly made toys: These are cheap for a reason. In our unregulated industry, some brands cut costs by using shoddy materials, even though they’re full of chemicals and touching the most absorbent parts of your body. In 2022, always look for toys made with “body-safe materials” (that’s the industry term) that have a reputation for being long-lasting. A toy that stays on your nightstand won’t end up in the landfill, so it’s better for the earth, too.

Low sexual confidence: Among other nasty things, the pandemic caused an unwanted dry spell for people all over the world. For some people, taking a sexual sabbatical leads to self-consciousness when they decide to get down again. Next year—and forever—remind yourself that everyone feels self-conscious in bed sometimes, and focus on having FUN.

Comparing: Is someone else having more sex than you? Have they had the perfect, most unproblematic number of partners? Are their preferences more normal or more adventurous? In 2022, here’s your answer: Who cares? Differing tastes are a big part of what makes sex FUN. And aside from getting consent, there are no rules!

Body hair neurosis: It’s your pubic/chest/arm/back hair, so groom it how you see fit. For every person who has a strong preference, there are tons more that don’t really care. It’s not a sexual make-or-break, so in 2022, don’t stress about it.


DISCLAIMER: This post was written for educational and entertainment value, and does not constitute medical advice. Bodies, tastes, and experiences are diverse! We know that not all tips will work for all people, but encourage consensual exploration and FUN.

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