Blow & Glow Date Nights by Kristen Tribby
By Kristen Tribby

In my work as Head of Global Marketing at FUN FACTORY, I see one thing consistently: Pretty much all couples crave sexual novelty. You even told us so! Back when FUN FACTORY did our global survey earlier this year, 78% of couples said they wanted to try new things in bed, and of those people, the majority wanted to explore new techniques and positions. It makes total sense: Newness is what keeps sex engaging and orgasmic.

The team took the results of the survey and created a new kit for endless exploration. BLOW & GLOW makes it easy to play in new ways and intensify the positions you already love with two bestselling toys, MANTA and NŌS. It also includes an aphrodisiac massage candle, a cute hair scrunchie, four games, and six videos about getting off from XBIZ’s 2020 Sexpert of the Year, Ashley Manta.

Below, I put together some inspiration on how to use the kit. I also made a couple playlists to stream while you get down—one sensual and romantic, the other hot and FUN—and a few date ideas for both.          

A playlist of upbeat tracks set the tone for ravenous, uncontained lust.

Date idea: Dancing at a club or concert (fully vaxxed, of course)
The way to play: Once you get home, peel off your penis-having partner’s sweaty clothes and go down. Fit NŌS over the shaft, with the extensions rumbling against the perineum (aka taint). As you suck, stroke a lubed MANTA along the shaft for mind-blowing sensation.

Date idea: A movie on the big screen with snacks
The way to play: After you’ve spent a couple hours halfway paying attention to the movie, come home, make out, and start petting your partner’s vulva. Once they’re turned on, run the vibrating extensions of NŌS along the labia to heat things up even more. When your partner’s about to finish, rub MANTA’s wings over the clit for a big O.

Date idea: A long-weekend vacay
The way to play: In your hotel or B&B, masturbate side by side. Used as a finger vibe, NŌS hits all the external hot spots, and MANTA focuses its super-strong motor on the most sensitive parts of the shaft.

A playlist of slinky, groovy songs inspire you to get close and take your time.

Date idea: A candlelit, homemade dinner
The way to play: Take your massage candle and pour the soft, scented oils onto your palm. Then, caress your partner in long strokes, giving extra attention to areas with tension. Once they’re feeling blissed out and totally connected to you, have sex with NŌS on the shaft of the penis, so the curvy extensions stimulate the clit and bring you both to simultaneous orgasm.

Date idea: Browsing a bookstore or vintage shop
The way to play: You’ll come home from this low-key date with plenty of energy, so why not wear each other out? Give a blowjob that feels like deep throat—without the sore throat—with MANTA. Hold the toy at the base while you suck for strong stimulation all along the penis.

Date idea: Hiking someplace scenic
The way to play: After a long, sweaty hike, you’ll probably want a shower—for two. Lucky for you, NŌS is waterproof. Perform oral on your vulva-having partner and tease the vaginal opening with the vibrating arms. All that sensation will make your partner scream.

Of course, these date ideas aren’t a complete list. Get your BLOW & GLOW Kit in time for the holidays, and you’ll see how it enhances just about everything.


Kristen Tribby is Head of Global Marketing and Education for FUN FACTORY. In her role, she is responsible for the branding and marketing of FUN FACTORY’s diverse product selection, brand messaging, and product development strategy. With over 15 years of experience in sex education and sex-positive retail management, Kristen is passionate about debunking sexual stereotypes and contributing to the adult industry's evolving role in creating more space for sex-positive exploration.

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