image Masturbation May Love Language illustrations showing people loving themselves in different ways

This week's Love Language is:
Physical Touch

Illustration of a person touching themselves and smiling - Fun Factory Masturbation May Love Languages

Physical Touch is just what it sounds like. A brush on the thigh, a bite on the lips, and you’re all in on someone. During Masturbation May, you can have some solo FUN by getting yourself off in new, exploratory ways.

Physical Touch lovers, your personalized sex tip is to switch up the way you touch yourself during solo play. Are you usually a quick-and-dirty type? Try taking things slow and building up to a bigger finish. Vary long and short strokes, or light and firm pressure. Or touch an area that you usually overlook: your nipples, your perineum, your anus, and your labia are all pleasurable places to explore.


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