image Masturbation May Love Language illustrations showing people loving themselves in different ways

This week's Love Language is:
Words of Affirmation

Illustration of a person looking at their butt in a hand mirror and blowing themselves kisses - Fun Factory Masturbation May Love Languages

Words of Affirmation are spoken or written words that build up another person. In bed, that might mean complimenting someone’s body or technique. And during Masturbation May, that someone could very well be you.

Words of Affirmation lovers, your personalized sex tip is to talk dirty to yourself. Up the game with hot phrases like “you’re a fucking fox” or “I love it when you _________.”

Research shows that dirty talk stimulates the same parts of the hypothalamus responsible for testosterone production and libido. It also makes play more multisensory and activates your sexual imagination, so you’re more engaged in the experience. Plus, naming your many sexual strengths can improve your confidence.


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