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Love is in the air, but so is pollen, which complicates things sexually. If you have seasonal allergies but you still want to get down, all you need is a little imagination. The FUN FACTORY team has even done some of the legwork for you. Below, see the best sex positions for different allergy symptoms.  

If you’re congested: Shower sex is your best bet, so the steam can help you loosen up a bit. Remember that all our toys are waterproof!  

If you’re drippy: Lie on your back to avoid a runny nose situation. Plus, this position makes it easier to space out, in case your allergies make you distractible. If you’re playing solo, pulsator toys like BI STRONIC FUSION are perfect for space cadets, since they thrust automatically, hands-free.  

If you have itchy eyes: Blindfold yourself with a cooling compress and have your partner perform oral on you—you’ll get relief and pleasure at the same time! The BLOW & GLOW Kit was designed to enhance oral during allergy season or any season. 

If you have a sore throat: Hydrate beforehand and get on top to minimize any irritation from mucous in your throat. 

If you’re sneezing: Mutual masturbation, with a few feet between yourself and your partner, might be the best move. No matter how hot you find each other, nobody wants to get sneezed on. 

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