A man half-sitting up in bed holding a pink Laya II grabs the butt of a woman in bright pink lingerie who is straddling his face. They are surrounded by pink heart-shaped balloons tied to sex toys on the bed.

If you’ve read about love languages, you probably know how they create feelings of security, trust, and closeness. Here’s what you probably didn’t read: They can make you and your partner out-of-your-mind aroused.

Naturally, to turn on your partner in their love language, first you need to know what it is. Having a conversation where you both name your love language helps both of you understand what makes the other feel good. It’s a playful first step toward consent.

Spend the day of your date showing your partner you really get them—with some sexy hints in the mix—to set the mood. Then let go of your panties, your boxers, your leather chaps, or your whatever, because they are coming off

Read our list of ideas to get your dirty mind going, and have FUN!



Set the Scene: Make your bedroom as clean as it’s ever been and elevate it with your partner’s favorite mood-boosters: candles, soft sheets, a favorite album, or luxurious lotion to rub into each other’s skin. 

Clean and Charge Your Toys: Cross the to-do off your list, and you’ll be ready to do each other. Once the toys are sparkling, set them on a silk scarf or pillowcase to make them even more enticing.

The Post-Sex Snack: Following an orgasm with a homemade chocolate chip cookie or deli empanada is anyone’s dream scenario. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, then a cheese plate should do the trick. Imagine the brie warming up while you and your partner are getting off—sounds like a good night.



Make a DIY Date Night Kit: What are your partner’s favorite parts of a night at home? Pick out some wine, a favorite record, a bath bomb, a vibrator, or whatever their heart desires.

Order Breakfast in the Morning: Dinner who? Breakfast delivery is an underrated indulgence, and while the delivery driver approaches, you might have time for another quickie. Remember to tip generously because it’s more FUN for everyone.

Give a Toy for Their Hotspots: Show that you’re paying attention with a toy that touches your partner where they like to be touched. Are they into labia stuff? BE·ONE will make their toes curl. Are they big into BJs? MANTA rumbles as you stroke. Or, for all-of-the-above types, go for people-pleasers like BOOTIE or VOLTA.



Unplug: Turn off your phone, laptop, smart devices, and anything else that might distract you during a date. Hearing your person sigh is so much hotter than hearing an email alert! 

Read to Your Partner: Whether it’s erotic fiction or descriptions of porn, slipping into sexual language can help you get to know their fantasies—and if you’re into it, act them out.

Play Games: Use the written games included in our toys' packaging to reveal your partner’s sexual wish list or spark a flirty conversation about the times you brought each other to ecstasy. Revisiting hot memories of the past might spur you to create new ones. 



Bathe Together: Rub your hands over every part of their body. Between the soap, the water, and the two of you, things’ll get steamy and slippery. If you want to stay in the shower and play, try sticking the LIMBA FLEX to the wall—it’s bendable and perfect for grinding.

BE·ONE Massage: Use your fingertips and the heels of your hands to loosen tight muscles. When you’re going someplace sensitive, like the nipples, turn on the BE·ONE for more rumbly stimulation. Don’t be afraid to surprise them (within their limits, of course)!

Grab Their Butt: Try to stay connected throughout the date by holding hands, putting your hand on their thigh, or pinching their ass as they walk by.



Write a Letter: Lovingly describe your favorite sexual memory with your partner, using as much vivid detail as you’d like. Remember the parts of your body they touched, the faces they made, how they smelled, and how they looked at you when it was over. Don’t be afraid to gush about your person’s best qualities.

Leave Notes: Write a few words about that person’s best physical features, sexual talents, or personality traits on post-its or scraps of paper, and leave them for your partner to find. Some FUN places to try: on the mirror, in their sock drawer, in their coat pocket, or in a toybag.

Get Talkative: Tell your partner what you think is hot about them and get specific. How does the light hit their breasts? What do you like about their lips? How does it feel when you hear them moan? Verbalizing what you like creates a pleasurable feedback loop that both of you deserve.



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