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Perhaps you’ve seen the hashtag #DryJanuary popping up on social media, or your once-rowdy friends are losing interest in the bar scene. You know that alcohol is hardly a health elixir, and that cutting back on your drinking might offer some tempting perks: clearer skin, better sleep, and more cash in your pocket. But wait: What would sobriety—even temporary sobriety—do to your sex life?

We did some digging for you, and we’re happy to report that there’s nothing to fear. In fact, participating in Dry January actually yields tons of benefits in bed. Read on to see what to expect from sober sex during Dry January. You might just be moved to try it yourself!

What Is Dry January?

As you might guess from its name, Dry January is a commitment to abstaining from alcohol throughout the first month of the year. After a holiday season filled with boozy eggnog and champagne toasts, your body might crave a rest! Dry January was started by Alcohol Change UK, a charity organization, in 2013. In early 2022, 130,000 people said they were participating, not counting those who might’ve participated informally.

The month-long booze break helps lots of people develop healthy habits surrounding drinking, and it has fringe benefits in the bedroom, too. Sober sex during Dry January can mean a more sensitive body, a sharper mind, and no regrets.

Your Sex Life Might Change if You're Doing Dry January

Of course, lots of people feel anxious about sober sex during Dry January, especially if they’re more used to drunken sex. People who struggle with body image might also blanch at the idea, but if they try sober sex during Dry January, they may be pleasantly surprised with an orgasm-induced confidence boost.

How Does Dry January Affect Your Sex Life?

Aside from the potential for nerves mentioned above, Dry January offers only benefits to sexually active people. To name one obvious one: For people with penises, it’s easier to maintain an erection without the influence of booze!

You’ll Feel More Emotionally Connected During Sex

As a teetotaler, you’re more able to think clearly and pay attention to your partner’s cues. Better communication (both verbal and nonverbal) equals better sex, period. Plus, being abler to read your partner in bed can strengthen your bond.

You’ll Have More Energy

Alcohol disrupts sleep, so going without it often means you’ll get a proper 40 winks. In turn, you’ll have more energy for thrusting, experimenting with sex toys, and getting into adventurous positions. Sober sex during Dry January can be as vigorous as you want!

You Might Learn Some New Things About What You Want in Bed

In a state of sobriety, your body will be more sensitive than it would be when drunk. Alcohol is a depressant, after all! By fully feeling physical sensations, you’ll have maximum insight into what stimulation you like and the different ways of experiencing it. You may even have more or bigger orgasms—not a bad reason to leave the liquor on the shelf.


All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.

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