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Tracy Lynn Adeniji-Adele 

Stretching is an essential piece of my health and my sex life. It increases blood flow and endurance, and offers access to otherwise unreachable pleasure points. Above all, moving and stretching has enabled me to step into intimacy with a better understanding of myself and my boundaries.

Every body can benefit from stretching for sex, here's how to get started with a few yoga poses.


You can do the exercises below at home, on a yoga mat or even on a rug or carpet. You’ll want to start in tabletop position: Get on all fours, with your wrists beneath your shoulders, your knees beneath your hips, and a straight spine.

  1. Cat-Cow Pose: Starting in tabletop, inhale and arch your back, so you’re making a concave shape. When you exhale, tuck in your tailbone and contract, so you make a convex shape. Repeat. 
    Make it slinky: Instead of just arching and contracting, move your torso in a circle, make a figure-8 pattern with your hips and torso, or imagine you’re moving through honey.

  2. Puppy Pose: From tabletop, walk your hands away from you and lower your chest towards the ground, so your back is angled upward.
    Make it intense: Move your hips from side to side. If your chin and chest are comfortable on the ground, tuck your toes and lift your hips for a captivating arch in the back.

  3. Frog Pose: From tabletop position, spread your knees away from each other, to your right and left, while maintaining a 90-degree bend at the knee.
    Make it deep: If your groin is very close to the ground, alternate lifting one foot at a time.

Stretching is a self-care practice that goes beyond improving flexibility. When I learn my body’s boundaries by exploring and moving, it is an act of intimacy. When my body feels cared-for and malleable, it benefits my solo and partnered intimacy. My elasticity provides more possibilities, more pleasure, and more fun.

Tracy Lynn is a mover, a feeling feeler, and a body explorer. She teaches and performs movement to sustain herself, and samples her movement style from yoga, contemporary and modern dance, martial arts, and exercise modalities like barre and Pilates. Tracy Lynn wants to help people unapologetically be themselves, through trauma-informed, inclusive, and self-affirming movement. Join her movement community on Patreon, Discord, and YouTube.

This post was written by a guest blogger, and all opinions and ideas expressed are that of the author. All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.

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