Discovering the Best Male Sex Toys: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

A person holding a Duke prostate massager by fun factory
By Zachary Zane

A note on language: As a sex-educator-led brand, we try to avoid using gendered language, but the demands of SEO sometimes force us to use binary terms. None of the information below is gender-specific; each fact applies to any body with the mentioned parts. For more information on this, read our FAQ.

As a sex columnist, I hear from many men who love to tell me that they don’t ~need~ male sex toys. I always found this funny. There are so many things I don’t technically need, but I enjoy—things like Lyft and Grubhub that make my life so much easier. Sure, you may not technically need a sex toy, but don’t you want to have the most pleasurable sex possible? Sex toys for men are such a simple and cost-effective way to enhance your pleasure with and without your partners. Not to mention that your (or your partner’s) hand, mouth, and genitals cannot do what a sex toy can. (I’d like to see your hand vibrate and pulse simultaneously!)

“Sex toys can teach us how we like to be pleasured,” explains Gigi Engle, a certified sex and relationship psychotherapist and sex expert at the LGBTQIA+ dating app Taimi. This can give us valuable information about how our bodies work, which we can take into partnered play. “Using sex toys can increase confidence, as they allow us to learn what gives us pleasure and to feel more grounded in and connected to our bodies,” she adds.

But the thing is, all male sex toys aren’t created equal. There are a lot of men’s sex toys on the market from several brands, and frankly, many of them are trash and will break within a few uses. Below, I break down the various types of male sex toys, how to choose the right sex toy, top picks for 2024, and more!

Manta vibrating stroker by fun factory on display

Understanding Male Sex Toys

There are actually QUITE a few types of sex toys for men, but let’s go ahead and break down the main ones. (You’ll notice some only work for men, whereas others, like butt plugs, are for everyone because, yes, we all have a butthole.) 

Male masturbators:

A broad genre of sex toy, male masturbators are essentially anything designed to stimulate the penis. A penis sleeve (colloquially referred to as a pocket pussy, which you insert your penis into) is a common type of male masturbator. They usually have a closed end. But then there are also open-ended male masturbators, like MANTA, which can be used solo or with a partner during penetrative sex, handjobs, or oral sex.

Cock rings:

Typically made from silicone, rubber, or stainless steel, cock rings are male sex toys that you wrap around either the base of your penis, or (in the case of larger rings) both your penis and testicles. Cock rings can trap blood in the penis, helping to sustain erections. It can also help delay ejaculation if the cock ring is wrapped around your testicles, pulling them slightly downwards (away from the body).

Prostate massagers:

Specifically designed for men or people with a prostate, prostate massagers are sex toys you insert into your anus, designed to stimulate the prostate. They tend to be smaller than butt plugs, and that’s because the prostate is located only two to three inches inside the anus. They also have a curve to better stimulate the prostate.


These are sex toys that come in the shape of a penis. Sometimes, they look realistic, like an actual penis with veins, a penis head, and testicles. Other times, they’re more fantastical, coming in various bright colors like purple or green. Some dildos vibrate. Some, like FUN FACTORY’s STRONIC PETITE, actually thrust, meaning they are motorized, and the base/head of the dildo will rush forward and backward, two to three inches at a time, to simulate the sensation of getting penetrated or fucked. There are also suction dildos that stick to the wall so you can back yourself onto them in doggy style, or you can suction them to a flat surface like a counter and ride the dildo in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. Many dildos are compatible with harnesses so your partner can peg you.

Butt Plugs:

A butt plug is a sex toy that you insert into your anus. While they come in various shapes and sizes, typically, they are teardrop-shaped—thinner at the top and thicker towards the base. When it comes to putting something in your rear end, make sure to purchase a toy with a “design that prevents accidental complete insertion, which means a flared base, string, etc.,” says Dr. Evan Goldstein, D.O., founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical, a leading private practice specializing in sexual health and wellness, and co-founder of the sex care brand Future Method. “I’ve had to surgically remove my fair share of toys, and there’s no reason why anyone should have to endure that.”

Anal Beads:

Anal beads look similar to rosary beads, only they’re chunkier, and instead of praying with them, you insert them into your butt. Sometimes, they’re all the same size, whereas sometimes, each bead gets progressively larger. Anal beads feel pleasurable and intense when you are “popping” each out of your behind.

A person holding a Cobra Libre 2 penis head vibrator by fun factory

How to Choose the Right Sex Toy

There are some factors to consider regardless of personal preference. For example, “You want to be sure you're using a toy that is made of body-safe or medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, ABS plastic, or glass,” Engle says. (The number of cheaply made toys with materials known to be harmful to your body is shocking.) Additionally, you want to buy from a reputable brand, like FUN FACTORY, that has at least a two-year warranty. Otherwise, your toy will likely break, and you’ll be shit out of luck.

After considering those universal factors, you should think about what, specifically, you’re looking for in a male sex toy. Dr. Lee Phillips, Ed.D, a psychotherapist and certified sex and couples therapist, has a few questions he recommends asking yourself before purchasing a toy: “Is it to spice up your sex life with your partner? Are you not being pleasured enough, and are you tired of using your hands and fingers? Are you having a difficult time achieving an orgasm? Is your partner not into giving you a blowjob, and you want a toy that does?” Or perhaps you want to explore prostate stimulation and want a toy specifically designed for anal play?

Answering these questions will help guide you to find the right toy.

Top Picks for 2024

Here are some of my personal favorite (and also, some expert-recommended) male sex toys currently on the market. Every single one of these products feels better with lube, but Engle, Phillips, and Goldstein note that you can’t use silicone lube with a silicone sex toy. It will erode and eventually destroy the sex toy. So, for a number of these toys, you should only use water-based lube. That said, Goldstein notes that silicone lube is thicker and typically better for anal sex (since the anus, unlike the vagina, does not self-lubricate). But again, you’d only be able to use silicone lube on metal or glass toys.


This open-ended penis stroker is ideal for solo (masturbation) or partnered use. Your partner can go down on you—sucking your head and using MANTA on your shaft. While penetrating your partner anally or vaginally, you can put MANTA on your shaft, and both you and your partner will feel the vibrations. And if you and your partner like come, MANTA is ideal. When you ejaculate, you shoot everywhere, because the toy is open-ended, unlike traditional masturbation sleeves. One five-star reviewer wrote, “After trying a few other options, this one hits the mark. I like that it's easy to maintain and has enough options. I was able to find a couple of great settings which work awesome for me. It took a little time and patience but it now works great.”

Manta vibrating stroker by Fun factory on a blue background



This is a classic, high-quality butt plug that, at $34.99, is honestly one of the biggest bangs for your buck. It has a more bulbous head than other anal toys, adding more stimulation to your prostate. 

Bootie butt plug by fun factory on a blue background



This is your classic BOOTIE butt plug with a cock ring attached to it. So it’s a two-for-one deal—both anal and penile stimulation in one toy. One reviewer wrote, “I'm a guy who likes to masturbate a lot and I enjoy butt sensations. But I've tried a lot of toys and most just don't really hit the spot. But this cock ring/butt plug combo is perfect for me. This gives me the hardest erections I've ever had and the slight tugging on the butt plug from stroking my cock feels great. And the butt plug is very responsive to me clamping down with my anus to drive it in. I've had some intense and very wet orgasms with it. Drives me wild when it's in and makes me hard just thinking about inserting it.”

Bootie ring butt plug by fun factory on a blue background



This heavy-duty cock ring produces extremely powerful vibrations. The best part is, it doesn’t just work as a cock ring during oral and penetrative sex. You can actually use it to make your fingers vibrate and stimulate your partner’s clitoris with it. As one five-star reviewer wrote, “This is the best partner play toy we’ve used, always gets us revved up. Just the right texture/firmness/size for clitoral stimulation.”

Nos vibrating cock ring by fun factory on a blue background



This male masturbation toy is ideal for guys who like the head of their penis stimulated with excellent vibrations. That said, reviewers note that it’s not great for well-endowed men. (It’s just a little bit too small.) So, if you’re on the bigger side, you should go for MANTA.

Cobra Libre 2 penis head vibrator by fun factory on a blue background



This small silicone dildo is excellent for vaginal and anal beginners. (It has less than five inches of insertable length.) The slight curve of AMOR hits the G-spot or prostate, and it’s compatible with harnesses (for those interested in trying pegging). The best part? BI AMOR comes in the colors of the bisexual flag (blue, pink, and purple), so it’s a great way to show off your bi pride in the bedroom!

Bi Amor Dildo by Fun Factory on a blue background



Okay, so this prostate massager is not for beginners. It’s for boys with a little bit more anal experience because it is big (and hits multiple erogenous zones). It has three parts—the first extends deep into your rectum. The second stops at the prostate, and the third lies flat against your perineum (the strip of skin between your anus and testicles), a highly sensitive yet often-ignored body part.

Duke prostate massager by fun factory on a blue background


VeDO Hummer 2.0 Vibrating Auto Blowjob Oral Sex Stimulator Machine:

This toy is fantastic because of its features. “There are 48 settings with eight automatic suction modes; each mode has a 4-minute session that will provide intense sensations,” Phillips says. “One of the most realistic oral sex experiences, the soft vibrating sleeve is removable and can be used as a standalone stroker.” 

Blow Motion Vibrator:

“Just three inches in length, this masturbator wraps around the head of your penis like a warm mouth, delivering mind-blowing stimulation to this ultra-sensitive zone,” Phillips says. “Choose your vibration pattern and power level with the easy-to-use buttons to discover intense solo satisfaction, or ask your partner to take control for fantastic foreplay.”

Glass Anal Dilator Kit:

Goldstein’s company Future Method developed an anal dilation kit that is great for beginners who want to explore their backdoor. “It comes with three graduated sizes, and we designed them in glass and with a unique shape, which, together, allow all three anal muscles (and the overlying skin) to become completely relaxed, strong, and healthy enough to withstand the greater pressures of anal sex,” Goldstein says.

A person holding a bootie ring butt plug by fun factory

How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Be sure you're washing your toys with a mild soap and water after every single use. “If you're feeling lazy, you can always spray them with a toy cleaner and wipe them down, but try not to make a big habit of this,” Engle says. “If you use toys internally (especially anally), the toys MUST be washed to ensure you don't spread bacteria and cause infections.”

Zachary Zane is FUN FACTORY’s resident Sex Expert. His work focuses on sexuality, culture, and the LGBTQ community. He is the author of Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto.

He currently has two columns: “Sexplain It” at Men’s Health and “Navigating Non-Monogamy” at Cosmo. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Boyslut Zine, which publishes real sex stories from kinksters worldwide. His work on sexuality and relationships has been published in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and many others.

This post was written by a guest blogger, and all opinions and ideas expressed are that of the author. All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.

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