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If your love language is Gifts, then you see all the meaning behind a thoughtful present. It signals caring, and if you’re attracted to the gifter, it signals that a FUN night’s ahead—especially when you get something you can use in bed.

Naturally, you care about yourself, and you know you’re attractive, right? So show yourself some love by getting something nice, suited to your taste and delivered when you want it.

We’re biased, of course, but we think that sex toys are the ultimate gift. The more you learn your own body and get yourself off, the better you can guide a partner to the right spots. And beyond its usefulness for partnered sex, masturbation offers the safe pleasure and release that everyone deserves. Playing with a toy can help you find new ways of feeling awesome and connecting with yourself.

Plus, a well-made toy (perhaps from a German factory) can last for five years, making it a great value. You can also use a toy both during solo or partner play, so they’re all pretty versatile. If you’re looking for something that suits all types of bodies, our LAYA II is a multi-purpose legend, BOUNCER can go pretty much anywhere, and BOOTIE pleases beginners and advanced butts alike.

In fact, there’s pretty much no downside to masturbating with a sex toy. Contrary to the bummer myth that toys desensitize you to analog sex, some research suggests the opposite: Using toys regularly can increase your sexual desire and sensitivity. Masturbation is officially healthy now, but we still say the number-one reason to do it is because it’s FUN.

Have we convinced you to get a gift for your junk? Are you already revisiting distant memories of sexy encounters and washing your bedsheets? In case you need more persuading, we have a special offer: Take 20% off dildos with code KINDOFABIGDIL. Happy self-gifting! And keep checking back for more love languages posts all Masturbation May.


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