Vim Vibrating Wand by Fun Factory

Upon turning on FUN FACTORY’s VIM wand, I only thought two words, “Oh, fuuuuuuuuck.” 

It immediately emanated a deep, resonant purr, evoking a friend's “holy shit” reaction, even at the first setting. Throbbing. Thrumming. Imagine you’re at a music festival, and the phat wobble bass reverberates through your respiratory system when you breathe. 

That’s how VIM from FUN FACTORY feels to me. It’s that level of rumbly. 

I’ve collected sex toys for 10 years—and been a FUN FACTORY fangirl for 9. My past reviews of their full-sized G5 vibrators could also be summed up briefly: 

  • “I feel like I have died and been resurrected. How? How did this vibrator do that?” 
  • “AaaaaAaaaaaahhhhhhHhhHHH” 

Given the maker’s long history of bassy but surprisingly soft-sounding sex toys, it’s no wonder that many of my readers immediately preordered VIM from FUN FACTORY. 

Some had reservations: 

  • How strong is it compared to the competition? 
  • How’s the rumble on the low end? 
  • Can it hold up under pressure? 
  • Is it worth it if you already have a strong wand? 

I’ll get to these questions and more! 


Yes, VIM is worth it for me, and it’s S-tier among my 350+ other sex toys. Here’s what makes it stand out from other cordless wands. 

Sunrise Orange VIM vibrating wand by Fun FactoryRUMBLY AND STRONG SETTINGS 

VIM comes in as a close second for the most powerful rechargeable wand I’ve ever tried, only a hair behind the Magic Wand Rechargeable. But it’s waaaaay rumblier, maintaining its low pitch and thuddy thumping sensation. 

Its first steady speed setting out of five is a deep, sub-bass purr at only 53 Hz, and its highest is 73 Hz. For comparison, the Magic Wand Rechargeable starts at 44 Hz and goes up to 97 Hz, relying on speed rather than weight for its peak intensity. 

Five steady speeds also means that there isn’t that gap in the middle like the Magic Wand has between the second and third settings. As well, while the LELO Smart Wand Large has a similar rumble to FUN FACTORY’s VIM, its strength doesn’t come close. 

In other words? I fucking love FUN FACTORY’s VIM at every continuous speed—and beyond! (More on that in a bit.) 


Another thing that VIM has going for it is the three-button control panel and travel lock option. I especially love that I can quickly turn the speed up and down. 

For some sessions, that can make the difference between one quick, satisfying orgasm and multiple that overwhelm me with rapturous dopamine delight. I turn it up, climax, turn it way down when I’m sensitive but still on the plateau, insta-cum again, and repeat, going higher every time until I'm a sobbing mess. 

I spend a lot of time at the first speed setting. VIM’s low end is really that deliriously delicious with the right kind of power. Press the (+) or (-) button to click through the settings, or hold it down to micro-adjust the intensity. 

The downside with this control panel is that, if you’re at the highest steady speed, you might forget that and hit the (+) button, which then takes you to the patterns menu. I’d rather those settings were kept separate from the steady vibrations, even though I immensely enjoy the patterns. 

Sunrise Orange VIM Vibrating Wand by Fun Factory #1


Whoever composed VIM’s pulsing and escalation patterns knew what they were doing. These aren’t Morse code settings—they’re songs with fast thrums that crescendo and stay in fortissimo for plenty of time to cum once or twice before moving back to the gentler steady speeds. 

Built-in are three “journeys,” each of which can be increased or decreased in intensity by long-pressing the (+) or (-) button. There’s a wide range of experiences to play with: 


Throbbing waves increase in vibration intensity and pulse speed until reaching the highest frequency for a loooooong wave. This one drives me wild. 

A music geek friend described it as “whole notes, then half notes, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth,” but you repeat at a higher note with each loop of the sequence. 

Of course, you could press the (-) button to go back to the highest steady speeds or lower (or lower…) if you just want to cum. :) 


My friend described this one as “a snare drummer doing a single stroke roll at increasing and decreasing speeds.” There’s less pulse length variation, and it feels more percussively choppy than the previous setting’s flowy legato. While there are some waves, the buildup to the top speed is way faster. 


This last pattern combines the two mentioned above, both ramping up and looping more quickly. 


My main focus with a wand is always the experience of using it—what attributes are conducive to me having a good time? The following features don’t affect me much but may catch your eye! 

  • VIM is lightweight—just under a pound—and front-loaded, with most of the weight in the head. 
  • Yes, it’s water-resistant! 
  • The all-over silicone textures can both add sensation and be easy to grip! 
  • You can’t use it while it’s connected to the charger, but a full battery getting you 6 hours of play on low and 1 hour on high is pretty friggin’ great for a cordless wand. 
  • The neck is flexible—a perk to some users but a problem for others. 

That last point doesn’t change the way I play much. With any wand, I use both hands to hold the handle. My bottom hand pulls the toy against me and top hand pushes to angle it—literally leveraging with a fulcrum.  

Sunrise Orange VIM Vibrating Wand by Fun Factory #2CLOSING THOUGHTS ON FUN FACTORY’s VIM 

I feel like this wand was made for me, with all the right features I care about: 

  • It’s strong, WHILE RUMBLY AF. Oh goshhh, the timbre is just so rich throughout. 
  • Increments in between settings are nicely paced. 
  • The buttons are easy to use, especially if you like turning down the intensity right after orgasm. 
  • The range of settings suits every mood, whether you like to take the scenic route or want a cab to cum kingdom. 

It feels so fucking good. It feels so fucking good. I just want to whisper that to myself over and over again between cunt contractions. 

VIM from FUN FACTORY is the new idol I’ve worshiped every night since I received it. It is the one I keep coming back to—formidable and always ready to please this power princess. 

Get the rumbly AF VIM massager by FUN FACTORY. 

Cy from Super Smash Cache is an orgasm sorceress and sex toy curator, here to help alchemize your sex life. She has reviewed over 300 sex toys since 2015 and specializes in deep penetration, cervical orgasms, and large toys. If a massager melts her into a puddle of woozy-face emojis, you’ll know. There’s something for everyone in Toyland, and you deserve the best it has to offer. 

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