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by Zachary Zane

As a sex toy reviewer, people often ask me, what’s the number one thing I look for in a toy? I tell them, “I want a toy to do what my partner or I cannot.” I don’t gravitate towards toys that attempt to replicate having sex or getting a blowjob. I prefer toys that can enhance my sexual and masturbatory experiences in a way that is not humanly possible.  

That’s why I love vibrating cock rings. No matter how much my partner may try, their vagina or anus cannot vibrate on their own. There’s also no way to apply pressure to the base of my penis during P-in-V or P-in-B sex without a cock ring. 

The thing is, a good cock ring is hard to come by, and there are vibrating rings that cost seven bucks and ones that cost hundreds. I had high expectations when trying NŌS vibrating cock ring since it costs $99.99. Luckily it did not disappoint. (If I did, I would not be writing this review...) 

NOS vibrating c-ring in black, with toy benefits.

Unlike a traditional cock ring, the NŌS has two curvy extensions specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris. (It’s like a mini rabbit at the end of it!) Another crucial component that distinguishes the NŌS is its thinness. Most cock rings are thick. While this may sound better since it covers more surface area on your penis, it becomes an issue when having sex. The cock ring acts as a barrier, so you can’t fit your entire penis inside your partner’s vagina or anus. And I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have two inches to spare when having sex. I want my partner to feel all of me, and I want to feel all of them.

Alas, because of COVID, I couldn’t call up any of my usual hookup buddies to test out the ring, so I tried it out solo. After ripping open the packaging, I charged the bad boy. When it was ready to go, I placed it on my penis. The texture of the silicone was soft against my junk. It also had a solid grip on my shaft—tight without being painful. Since the NŌS doesn’t go behind-the-balls, it’s simple to quickly take on and off, which I need. Sometimes when I have sex with a vibrating cock ring, I can orgasm a little too fast, so I need to have a product that I can quickly slide off. 

NOS is good for any position!

Once it was securely on my base, I pointed the “rabbit” portion of the ring face-down to stimulate my testicles. Then I turned on the vibrations. (There are four speeds.) The first one was pretty mild, the second was moderately intense, and the final two were strong. I started masturbating at the second speed, and it felt damn good. While stroking my shaft with one hand, I used my other hand to press the rabbit against my testicles for added stimulation. All too often, the testes are forgotten about during masturbation and partnered sex. I’m someone who has very sensitive testicles, so I don’t like when people suck on them—but having vibrations against them? That feels nice. 

After a couple of minutes on the second speed, I amped it up to level three, and then shortly after, to level four. I then came almost instantaneously! The vibrations sent shivers up and down my spine, so I had a full body orgasm—not one localized to my genitals. For such a thin ring, the NŌS still has incredibly powerful vibrations—arguably too powerful! That’s why the next time I have sex with a partner, I’ll probably keep the vibrations at speed 2 to make sure I can last.

When I’m ready to climax, I’ll then turn it up to the highest speed so both my partner and I can moan in ecstasy together. 

NOS deep sea blue vibrating ring for couples


Zachary Zane is a Brooklyn-based columnist, sex expert, and activist whose work focuses on sexuality, lifestyle, culture, and the LGBTQ community. He currently has a sex advice column at Men's Health titled "Sexplain It" and a relationship column at Queer Majority titled "Zach and the City."


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