Tending the Garden: Summit for Healingis an online summit that seeks to bring a healing and accessible space for all sexual assault survivors, especially the marginalized.

This weekend is for survivors to attend conversations with folks who understand and are in alignment with those identities. Oftentimes folks do not believe that survivors want to be sexual or simply aren't sexual. Which for some folks it is true, but for most it is not. What we really want to focus on through all of our TTG programming is that everything is normal.

If you want to explore and use toys, please do. If you want to reconnect with your own sexuality, the best person to start with is yourself. Adding toys can be really fun and helpful with relearning what you like, and really to just normalize that you are a whole person.

Here are some of Jimanekia's favorite toys for self exploration:

  • BE·ONE

    One of my favorites because, as someone with tendinitis, I do not have to hold anything. It fits between my fingers, and it is great for sensation and exploring touch and sensation. Which I believe is the first part of re-exploring your sexuality.

  • NŌS

    I love that it is a toy that can be used with a partner and solo. I love that you can use it with toys or just manually. This can be great as your building and expanding the ways you enjoy or want to receive pleasure. 


    Love love love, I love that it is a thruster toy. I love that it can be utilized without my hands as well. I think it is a great toy when we want to re-explore what penetrative simulated sex feels like. It is also enjoyable for external play as well.