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2020 was a weird one, but despite the odds we're feeling the holiday spirit!

Now it's time to have some FUN: We asked some of our favorite FUNsexuals to tell us their top sex tips and toy picks to wrap the year up just right. 


Image of Shadeen Francis, licensed wellness and relationships expert, leaning against a bright pink wall

What’s your holiday play tip? What is one of your and your lover's favourite accessories for sex or play? Maybe it's toy, a lube or massage oil, a piece of clothing, a dessert, or a comfy pillow. Wrap it up and let your lover know that you have a special gift for them tonight that you two will really enjoy. Bonus points if you write a flirty or steamy card to go with it.

If I was snowed in, I'd definitely want my... LAYA II, a versatile toy with a strong purring vibration that can be fun on lots of body parts, in lots of positions. It stays quiet, but you might get loud. 

For more from Shadeen, check out her work on Mine'd.


Illustration of Epiphora, sex toy reviewer at, wearing a green jacket

What’s your holiday play tip? Two words: SPACE HEATER. It's the quickest way to make a small space, like a bedroom, nice and toasty. Preheat in advance to feel like you're walking into luxury. It really does feel like a treat, in the cold winter months, to masturbate or have sex fully nude, on top of sheets rather than burrowed inside.

What toy are you keeping close this winter? For those slow-paced, cozy snow days, I'd want two toys to indulge in simultaneously. The VOLTA is forever my favorite Fun Factory vibe, with its teasing tips and strong vibrations. I'd pair that with the STRONIC G for lazy, automated G-spot stimulation. 


For more from Epiphora, check out her blog.


Image of Susan Bratton, intimacy and wellness expert, in a blue sweater smiling at camera

What’s your holiday play tip? The gift I’m giving myself is a solo pleasuring challenge to use my MISS BI at least twice a week during the holidays. The more I self-pleasure, the better my lovemaking with my partner becomes. Everyone wins!

What's your favorite Fun Factory toy? MISS BI because she has two motors, one for the clitoral area and one for the vaginal area — perfect for cross-training from clitoral to vaginal orgasms.

For more from Susan, visit 


Saniyyah Lateef, community sex educator and pleasure activist, smiling and holding Fun Factory SUNDAZE

What’s your holiday play tip? I always want to get a little... naughty with my partner when we should be playing nice at our family’s place during the holidays. The thrill of getting caught always excites me! Wanna play but family in the way? I always shower and then make an excuse for my partner to join me in the bathroom for good clean fun!

Saniyyah, what's your pick? The SUNDAZE is the perfect versatile toy! I can use it solo or with my partner. And since it’s handsfree, my partner and I can focus on each other. 

For more from Saniyyah, check out their Instagram.


image of Joan Price, senior sex specialist at, looking up and smiling at camera

What’s your holiday play tip? Chocolate Nip Cookie. Ask your lover to lie down naked, face up. Decorate your lover’s chest as a big cookie using your favorite chocolate sauce, with chocolate chips strategically decorating the nipples. Take a photo, then enjoy licking and chewing your way through the cookie. (Caveat: no chocolate on vulvas or in vaginas, please.)

If you had to choose one toy for your holiday season, which would it be? The VOLTA is the most versatile toy I’ve found for both clitoris and penis. It’s strong enough for seniors who need extra stimulation, and the design is wonderfully ergonomic. If you’re going to invest in one new toy for yourself or a special giftee, make it VOLTA.

For more from Joan, visit 


illustration of Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan from, smiling and waving and holding underwear

What’s your holiday play tip? 2020's been a rough one. It's ok and normal to not be feeling sexy. Be kind to yourselves this holiday season.

When looking for the perfect gift... It doesn't have to be about sex. Give the gift that'll keep on giving, the FUN CUP!

For more from Erika and Matthew, visit!


 image of Cy Smash, sex toy critic at, looking directly at camera in with pink hair and a black leather jacket

What’s your holiday play tip? Surprise your partner with heart-shaped areolas (the bigger circles around your nipples). Using some brown or muted pink eyeshadow or liquid lipstick, draw shapes just outside of where your areolas naturally end. For hearts, add a right angle at the bottom and two half-circles at the top — but feel free to let your imagination run wild.

Home for the holidays? What are you packing? I LOVE the SUNDAZE's huge range of sensations and versatile head. Vibrating, pulsing, thrusting, pinpoint, broad — it's all there, AND super quiet.

For more from Cy, visit 

 image of Kade Cooks, sex educator and toy reviewer, holding Fun Factory B Balls.

What’s your holiday play tip? Try out different types of lubes! Heat things up in the bedroom with warming lube for temperature play. Enjoy a sexy taste test with a partner using flavored lubes. Finding what lube works best for you is a GAME CHANGER! Time to enhance the fun!

What FUN FACTORY toy are you reaching for this winter? Whether you’re trying to warm yourself up for some more play or wanting to have some secret fun, the B BALLS are my all-time favorite!

For more from Kade, visit his YouTube channel.


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