Here’s what the FUN FACTORY team is reaching for this month to keep us entertained and horny.

For a Hot Movie Night: Dirty Dancing

What’s hot about it: Well, the dirty dancing, for starters! Patrick Swayze is in fine form as a blue-collar hunk in love with a middle-class girl. Jennifer Grey looks amazing in a leotard. Their forbidden romance adds to the overall horniness.

Who it might be good for: In a way, Dirty Dancing is a teen movie, but it holds up for adult audiences, too. Watch it for the nostalgia factor and for the ripped dancers’ bodies. Don’t watch it for racial or sexual diversity, because there really isn’t much.

Sex-positivity rating: B. The main character’s father obviously disapproves of all the horn, but his point of view doesn’t matter much to the story. 

For a One-Handed Read: Unmasked by the Marquess by Cat Sebastian

Unmasked by the Marquess, a historical romance novel, tells the story of a British nobleman who falls for a non-binary, lower-class Londoner and tries to save face while also getting it in. The language is lovely and the jokes are good. Don’t forget to charge your toys before reading!

For a Solo Dance Party: Our Single with Swagger Playlist

Our cocky, poppy Spotify playlist celebrates singledom and all its sexual possibilities. Wear something cute, shake your butt, and enjoy your freedom—weird Valentine’s Day social pressure be damned.

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