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Sex Tips for Size Queens

By Sara Youngblood Gregory

A “size queen” is someone of any gender who enjoys intense penetration with XL sex toys, big cocks, or fisting, either vaginally or via butt play. “Size queen” can be used as an insult, so check in with others before referring to them as such. But for the most part, “size queen” is a mantle of pride.

If you’re a size queen, or want to experiment with more hardcore internal sex, follow these tips below.

The Best Toys for Size Queens

The easiest way to size up sexually is by expanding your toy collection. Before inserting any of the girthy toys below, make sure you’re very aroused. That’ll lengthen your vaginal canal (if you have one), which makes accommodating a big dil much easier. Vulva owners can also warm up with a toy like LADY BI, a vibrator designed to hit the A-spot, which boosts natural lubrication.

Lady Bi Rabbit Vibrator in Blue

When it’s time for the main event, if you’re looking for versatility, try a dildo like THE BOSS, which was made with size queens in mind. It’s body-safe and has a flared base—something that’s non-negotiable for anal sex and perfect for strapping on. For solo play, you can suction THE BOSS onto a flat, smooth surface (like a wall or shower tiles!) and get busy. Or if you have a partner, use a harness like the JOQUE, which is adjustable for people of all sizes and sports an extra sturdy design that can accommodate thicker dildos and toys.

The Boss Dildo in Pink

If you want XL size and strong vibrations, try BIG BOSS. At 1.8 inches thick and with 6.5 inches of insertable length, this toy is not for the faint of heart. Are you into rumbly vibrations? BIG BOSS has an ultra-strong motor, meaning you won’t sacrifice power for inches. Just note that this vibe isn’t for anal sex.


Big Boss XL Vibrator in Pink



If you’re craving a noticeable impact and one-of-a-kind sensation, try BOUNCER, a thick, ridged dildo with three weighted balls that bounce and roll inside the shaft as you thrust. A bouncing dildo is especially hot for size queens because you control the intensity with the depth and speed of your movements.

Bouncer Dildo in Black

Finally, if you want an overwhelming feeling of fullness and you have a vulva, you can experiment with double penetration. Insert any toy you like vaginally while wearing BOOTIE anally for twice the stimulation.

Bootie Butt Plug

What is Fisting?

If you’ve gotten your fill of toys and you want to try something a little more daring, fisting might be your speed.

“Fisting” is the art of inserting the entire fist into either the vagina or anus. Even for experienced size queens, fisting can take some practice. But the sensation is one of a kind: fullness, pressure, and intensity.

The key is lube, lube, lube and to go very slowly, a finger at a time. As you’re easing your hand in, you’ll feel the vagina or anus begin to naturally expand and loosen up. Eventually, when you have all five fingers in, you’ll be able to slip your palm in up to your wrist. As you guide your hand in, you’ll either naturally make a fist or you’ll stay in the “finger purse” position—where your fingers are gently pinched together in a gesture many of us associate with speaking Italian.

Once you’re in, don’t just jackhammer away. The best part about fisting is actually experimenting with the unique sensations it can offer. Try moving your fist up and down to activate the G-spot or P-spot. Some size queens even prefer fisting with very limited, small movements.

Pro tip: Take advantage of the dexterity in your fingers. Gently spread your fingers to create a bit of suction and then move them around inside your partner.

And remember, “size queen” is just a way to describe your sexual tastes and desires. The joy is all in experimenting—so if it turns out that something doesn’t feel good for you or your partner, then don’t do it!

This post was written by a guest blogger, and all opinions and ideas expressed are that of the author. All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.

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