Whatever toy you have your eye on, someone has already tried it, orgasmed, and logged online to tell the tale. We’ve read thousands of customer reviews, comments, and emails, and to help you in your shopping journey, we’ve rounded up the toys that people reliably love.

TOP CHOICE FOR COUPLES: Our new BLOW & GLOW kit unites two bestsellers—that’s MANTA and NŌS—for less than the combined price of the individual toys. The kit upgrades your blowjob game by stimulating more hot spots at once, and it’s versatile enough for penetration, mutual masturbation, and more. Want to break out of your sexual routine? Six technique videos, exclusively available with the kit, will show you new things to try. Plus: A scrunchie! A massage candle! Four games! It’s enough to sustain your FUN for years.


TOP RABBIT VIBE: MISS BI has it all: the girth to stimulate the nerve-rich vaginal opening, a curved tip to hit the G-spot, and a flexible arm to rub against the clit. It has two über-strong motors, one in the shaft and one in the external arm, and you can control them independently to customize the intensity. Vulva owners who need dual stimulation to come—that’s most of them—will get a thrill ride with this rabbit toy.


TOP BEGINNER-FRIENDLY BUTT PLUG: If you’re anal-curious, or an old pro looking for something comfy, then BOOTIE S is your best bet. Its slim shape makes it easy to insert, and it has just enough thickness to hit the prostate (or the G-spot, indirectly) without feeling overwhelming. Its slim handle nestles easily between the butt cheeks, so there’s no rubbing or pinching to distract you from your FUN.


TOP EXTERNAL VIBE: If you like gentle vibration, or intense vibration, or cupping the balls, or stimulating your nipples, then LAYA II is your toy. It’s a maximally versatile, cult classic vibrator. Hold it the long way to rumble against a broad area (like the labia), or hold it vertically to target someplace sensitive (like the external clit).

LAYA II vibrator

TOP SELF-THRUSTING TOY: The G-spot loves rhythmic, targeted stimulation, so people with vulvas love STRONIC G. The self-thrusting toy has a curved, firm tip designed to hit the spot precisely, again and again, building your pleasure until your big finish.


TOP PENIS TOY: Looking to graduate from manual masturbation? MANTA is a vibrating stroker that brings deeper, rumblier sensations than your hand ever could. The toy can travel the shaft, or deliver intense stimulation to the tip of the penis, with a powerful bass-tone motor. Bonus: Hold MANTA at the base, and it can make any blowjob feel like deep throat.


TOP CHOICE FOR PIV: NŌS is the rare c-ring designed with the clit in mind. The toy’s two curvy extensions surround the clit with strong vibrations that make every thrust even hotter. Plus, NŌS has two raised pressure points that squeeze the right spots on the shaft for extra pleasure. The design helps both partners reach orgasm—at the same time.


TOP CHOICE FOR SIZE QUEENS: At the tip of TIGER is a thick bulb for G-spotting, and there are ridges all along the shaft that intensify every thrust. The toy’s almost nine inches long (!) and girthy enough to hit the clitoral legs as you play. Plus, the ultra-bendy shaft is made of 100% body-safe silicone, not plastic, so the toy flexes and moves with you.


TOP DILDO: Like all our dildos, LIMBA FLEX has a suction-cup base, so it sticks sturdily to shower walls or any firm surface. The flexible wire inside the shaft makes the shape customizable, so you can bend the toy to hit your G-spot, P-spot, or any other spot you like.