The Best Sex Toys for Couples

Two people holding a VIM vibrating wand on a bed

In a sense, any toy can be a couples’ toy if you use it with another person. Mutual masturbation, anyone? At the same time, some toys are designed to pleasure both partners simultaneously and they deserve a special place in your nightstand. Below, get to know our most-loved couples’ toys and each one’s unique benefits.



What it does: This vibrating c-ring delivers simultaneous orgasms during PIV sex. Its two curvy extensions each contain a rumbly motor, so the toy surrounds the clit with vibrations, and at the same time, it delivers a longer, stronger erection.

Top review: “Best toy ever !! The vibration patterns are very deep and thumping almost. My wife actually stole mine for solo play so I had to buy a second.”— C.W., February 2023

Fun Factory Manta held in a hand


What it does: Our award-winning penis toy encircles the shaft with two vibrating wings that hit your most sensitive spots. You can lube it up and stroke your partner. When held against the base of the penis, MANTA makes any blowjob feel like deep throat, and during penetration, it turns the penis into a vibrator.

Top review: “I love frenulum stimulation. I tend to stay on the lower end of the intensity settings but boy does it really add a new sense of stimulation either for solo or partner play.”— B.T.R., December 2023

VIM vibrating wand held in hand


What it does: Our bestselling wand features a unique motor that delivers thudding vibration. The settings are micro-adjustable, so you can make the vibes super-gentle or ultra-strong. Two vulva owners can both grind against the toy, or it could rumble against the taint during a blowjob.

Top review: “We recently got the Vim and are really enjoying it. It feels a bit more rumbly deeper of a vibration that the Hitachi and definitely brings you to orgasm in short order.”— B.W., September 2023


What it does: This beginner-friendly butt plug offers pleasurable pressure to both partners during PIV sex. Its asymmetrical base leaves the vaginal opening unobstructed for easy and comfy penetration, and the tulip tip pushes against the vaginal canal, guiding the penetrating partner toward the G-spot.

Top review: “Bootie Fem takes penetration and orgasms to the next level!”— E.L., May 2023


What it does: Bend this poseable dildo to hit any of your or your partner’s hot spots, whether it’s the prostate, the G-spot, or anything else. With a thickness of 1.6 inches at its widest point, LIMBA FLEX L comes in the most-desired size for a dildo. Like all our dildos, LIMBA FLEX L has a thin base, so you can get superclose to your partner during strap-on sex.

Top review: “From the first time I used the Limba Flex, I knew this was going to be one of my go-to toys for pegging due to its customizable shape, velvety soft silicone, and harness friendly design. A+!”— A.M.A.S.C., February 2021

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