11 Types of Vibrators

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A Guide to Different Types of Vibrators for Sexual Pleasure

Whether you want your penis stroked or your clitoris rubbed, there’s a vibrator for you. This guide helps you understand the characteristics of different vibrators—how they work, when you might use them, and who might like them. Vibrating sex toys also come in tons of different shapes, sizes, and strengths, so no matter what your preferences, you can find something hot. Read on to learn about 11 different types of vibrators.

What Are Vibrators?

Simply put, vibrators are vibrating sex toys. They’re powered by motors with specially calibrated weights. Depending on which brand and product you choose, the vibration quality can be anything from buzzy to zingy to rumbly to overpowering. At FUN FACTORY, we’re known for our strong, quaking motors.

Also, different types of vibrators are made from different materials. While all FUN FACTORY’s vibrators are made with body-safe silicone, some other brands cut costs by using cheaper materials like PVC plastic. Not only are these chemical-laden materials smelly, but they’re also unregulated in the U.S. Our advice: Be intentional when choosing something that rubs against the most absorbent parts of your body.

Vibrators can be used externally (outside of the body’s orifices) or internally (inside the vagina or anus). The vibrations stimulate sensitive parts of the body and heighten sexual pleasure.

11 Types of Vibrators

Couple cuddling under the sheet holding Volta vibrator by Fun FactoryExternal vibrators tend to be maximally versatile—usable on penises, clitorises, butt cheeks, and anyplace else on the body. Insertable vibes are usually more specialized. They might be designed specifically for vaginal stimulation or anal stimulation. That said, lots of folks enjoy using sex toys in creative ways, so don’t let a toy’s intended use stop you. (One note: Please do not insert anything into your anus unless it has a flared base, because otherwise, the toy could get stuck inside you. You’d need a doctor to remove it—expensive and not hot!)

Here’s a quick rundown of different types of vibrators and how they’re most commonly used.

1. G-Spot Vibrators

As you might’ve guessed, G-spot vibrators exist to please the G-spot, which is an area inside the vagina, a few inches deep and along the front wall (toward the belly button). Some people describe the area as feeling spongy to the touch, and lots of vulva owners find it incredibly pleasurable when stroked. G-spot vibrators have a bit of a curve, so they can hit the area along the front wall with every thrust. Our girthy, ridged vibrator TIGER is the perfect example of that curved G-spotting shape.

2. Clitoral Vibrators

Though most vibrators can be held against the external clit, clitoral vibrators are specially designed to stimulate the clitoral glans—that is, the bulb that’s outside the vagina and between the labia. Clitoral vibrators can offer broad stimulation (all over), pinpoint stimulation (in a narrow area), or both. Our VOLTA vibe, with its fluttering tips, does both. The narrow tips can zero in on a small area, while the wide sides can spread the powerful vibrations around.

3. Rabbit Vibrators

First manufactured in 1983 by a Japanese brand, rabbit vibrators are so named because they used to be shaped like an actual rabbit to circumvent Japan’s obscenity laws. Rabbit vibrators have a unique shape—a girthy shaft meant for internal stimulation of the vagina, and a smaller outer arm meant for external stimulation of the clitoral glans. Rabbit vibrators offer “dual stimulation,” which means they simultaneously pleasure the vagina and external clit, which is just what many vulva owners need to reach orgasm!

MISS BI, our ultra-popular rabbit vibrator, has a girthy shaft to massage the vaginal walls with a curved tip for G-spotting. Its outer arm is broad enough to stimulate almost anyone’s clitoris, no matter how their vulva is shaped.

4. Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators are beloved because they offer wildly strong vibrations that can easily be directed toward any area of the body. These vibrators look almost like microphones, with a rounded head that vibrates and a long, cylindrical handle. Their elongated shape is easy to maneuver.

FUN FACTORY’s wand, VIM, houses our strongest motor. It offers deep, rumbly vibrations at every setting, including the gentlest, and it’s 50% quieter than the leading wand, leaving your privacy intact.

5. Bullet Vibrators (Mini Vibrators)

Bullet vibrators are made for external use on the clit, perineum (aka taint), nipples, penis, ass cheeks, or anywhere else. They’re usually oval-shaped and small, meaning they’re exceptionally travel-friendly. Bullet vibes also a great enhancement to a couples’ massage.

Our MASSAGE BULLET is rechargeable, so it’s much stronger than the typical battery-powered bullet vibe. It has two vibration speeds and three patterns.

Miss Bi Rabbit Vibrator by Fun Factory

6. Couples' Vibrators

Couples’ vibrators aren’t any specific shape. Instead, they’re vibrators that can easily be passed between two people, like a bullet vibe (mentioned above), or vibrators that can be felt by two people at once, like a vibrating double dildo (mentioned below). You can use couples’ vibrators to warm up before penetration or during penetration.

Our BE·ONE couples’ vibrator fits ergonomically between your fingers to make every touch vibrate. It intensifies couples’ massages and can also please the vaginal opening if fingering is part of your play.

7. Prostate Vibrators

Prostate vibrators are toys that stimulate the prostate, which is a gland that exists in people with penises. The most direct way to access the prostate is through the anus—the prostate is about two inches deep, nearest the front wall (toward the belly button). Toys designed to stimulate the prostate are usually meant to be inserted into the anus, which, again, means they must have a flared base. All that said, any vibrating toy can be used to pleasure the prostate if it’s held against the perineum.

FUN FACTORY has a prostate vibrator called DUKE, which is insertable. It stimulates the prostate from within, by rumbling against the anus, and also externally, by vibrating against the perineum. Since the toy has a removable bullet vibrator, it’s quite easy to clean.

8. App-Controlled Vibrators

App-controlled vibrators emit vibrations that you can adjust via a smartphone app. For some people, handing the controls to their partner is a sensual way to surrender. Depending on the toy’s manufacturer, you and your partner may be able to use an app-controlled vibrator across a long distance. Using the toy that way can build intimacy, even when you’re miles apart.

9. Cock Ring Vibrators

Cock ring vibrators temporarily restrict blood flow from the penis, making erections firmer and more sensitive. Vibrating cock rings offer an even more intense sensation. Depending on the toys' design, their vibrations can stimulate the testicles, the perineum, or even a partner’s clit. Our NŌS c-ring has two curvy extensions, each of which houses a strong motor, so it can surround the clit with rumbly vibes. The benefit? Both partners feel more pleasure during penetration—all the way up until a big, simultaneous climax.

10. Lay-On Vibrators

Lay-on vibrators are made for external stimulation, but sometimes have the flexibility to be used internally as well. This style of vibrator offers tons of pleasure to people who like broad stimulation. People often like to situate lay-on vibrators against their vulvas, between their labia. The vibrators literally lay on their bodies—hence, a “lay-on” vibrator.

FUN FACTORY’s LAYA II was a lay-on vibrator with gentle vibrations, shaped to hug the pubic bone. It was very popular, and though it’s currently sold out, we’re keeping its benefits in mind as we design new products. On its lowest settings, VIM is similarly pleasing to sensitive types.

11. Vibrating Double Dildo

A double dildo is just what it sounds like: A dildo with two insertable ends that can penetrate two people at once. Though they’re most often used with harnesses, some designs can be used harness-free. Some people use them for simultaneous vaginal stimulation between two partners; others use them for anal.

A vibrating double dildo is the above, plus vibrations. The sensation can be super pleasurable and intense. Our SHAREVIBE vibrating double dildo has a removable bullet that allows the vibrations to travel all the way down both shafts.

Man laying in bed holding Cobra Libre II by Fun Factory

Types of Vibrators FAQs

How do I clean and maintain my vibrator?

Use good old soap and water! Mild, unscented soap is best. Unlike toys without motors, vibrators should not be immersed in boiling water.

What is the average lifespan of a vibrator?

The average lifespan of a vibrator varies by manufacturer. FUN FACTORY has some of the longest-lasting vibrators in the industry, which is part of our sustainable ethos. We aim to keep our products on your nightstand and out of the landfill. When properly cared for, our vibrators can easily last for years.

When were vibrators invented?

The first vibrator was created in 19th century London as a “medical device” for men. Centuries later, vibrators’ designs have improved drastically, and they’re commonly used across the gender and sexual spectrum for increased sexual pleasure.

How long do vibrators take to charge?

The answer here depends on your vibrator. The charging time for all FUN FACTORY vibrators is listed on their product pages on our site. If you’d like a toy that works in a hurry, a battery-operated vibe like OCEAN might be your best bet.

Why do vibrators feel so good?

Vibrators feel good because they stimulate parts of the body that are packed with nerve endings. Vibrators’ tapping, rubbing, and rumbling motions stimulate different nerve endings for all-around pleasure.

How many women use vibrators?

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, just over half (52.5%) of American women use vibrators.

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