Sure, you can bring a smile to someone’s face with a gift of fine jewelry or leather shoes, but wouldn’t you rather make them literally scream with delight? For that reaction, you’ll need a sex toy—and not just any sex toy, but the perfect one.

It’s not always easy to find that toy and give it away discreetly. Once you do, though, the rewards are infinite: greater intimacy, better sex, and a secure place in the other person’s heart slash erotic fantasies. Here’s your guide to doing it all right, so your giftee can do themselves (or you) right.


Shop only for a close friend or current sex partner.

We hope this goes without saying, but: Don’t buy a sex toy for your Instagram crush or cute coworker that you hardly know. Don’t get one for your ex you fell out of touch with. Even if your intentions are good, it will come across as creepy.

Your best bet is to give a toy to a close friend—someone you talk with openly, and in detail, about sex—or a current partner. Not only is that gift way more likely to be welcome, but you also probably have some info on what they like. 


Do your research. 

FUN FACTORY can’t accept returns or exchanges, because we can’t verify that a returned toy is unused. So, before you add to cart, do a little investigating. You can tell your partner you’re thinking of getting them a sex toy, and not tell them which one, so there’s still an element of surprise. Revealing your intentions gives you the freedom to ask the other person about their size preferences, whether they like internal or external toys, and how intense they like their vibrations.

Or, if you want a true surprise, you can always choose toys that mimic the acts you do together. Does your partner love it when you stroke their G-spot? The STRONIC G is a solid bet. Is your giftee a hungry bottom? Get them BOUNCER to satisfy their appetite. If you’re shopping for a couple, the BLOW & GLOW Kit includes two bestselling toys for mind-bending blowjobs, PIV, and more, plus exclusive technique videos to step up your sex game.

If you’re not totally sure what to get, a versatile toy, like the LAYA II or VOLTA vibrators, is a safe choice. And you can always hedge your bets with an OCEAN mini vibe, which is a smaller investment that’s beginner-friendly and still tons of FUN. (It makes a great stocking stuffer!)


Give the toy discreetly.

Leave the toy unwrapped, and you might as well hire a skywriter to write “I bought a dildo.” Choose neutral wrapping paper, or a colorful gift bag with plenty of tissue paper stuffed inside. For G5 motorized toys (the ones with the looped handles), wine bags work well.

Then, give the gift when no one’s around, so nosy friends and relatives don’t get an unwanted window into your giftee’s sex life!


You can always let them choose their gift for themselves.

You know what? Your person knows their body and their tastes better than anyone else. Getting them a FUN FACTORY gift card is a safe choice that’s still satisfying.

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