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Regular price $154.99


The world’s first lightweight double dildo

  • Girthy giver’s end makes it easy to grip with no harness
  • Innovative lightweight core means no slipping
  • Adjustable hinge lets you switch positions seamlessly
  • Rebalanced so the tip stays erect during play
  • G-spot tip for the wearer & G- or P-spot tip for the receiver


Double Dildo, Strapless Strap-on


9.92 in and Ø 1.42-1.59 in

Insertable length (receiver): 6.5 in

Insertable length (wearer): 6.1 in


0.73 lb


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

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ways to play with SHARE LITE

Share Lite pegging illustration

Perfect Pegging, Harness-Free

Start playing as soon as the mood strikes without fussing with a harness.

Share Lite BJ Illustration

Get a Blowjob

Watch your partner’s lips glide along the shaft and feel the toy tugging inside you.

Share Lite Handjob Illustration

Use it for Hand Sex

Take the long receiver’s end and hit your partner’s favorite hot spots.

The Perfect Fit Double Dildo

Is this really different from other double dildos?

It sure is! We created SHARE LITE to resolve the complaints that customers had with other double dils. Instead of making SHARE LITE with solid silicone—which makes other toys too heavy for the muscles to hold—we used a lightweight inner core that’s easy to lift without a harness. The toy’s shaft is longer than other models’, too, which makes thrusting feel really natural and reallllly hot.

Wait, can I actually use this without a harness?

Yes, we promise! The girthy end is wide enough to stay put, even when you get slippery inside. And again, thanks to the lightweight inner core, the receiver’s end won’t sink. Plus, the adjustable hinge lets you bend the toy however you like for the most secure fit.

Okay, but the tip will droop after a while, right?

It will not! The product’s lightweight core, firm but flexible texture, and balanced design keep you “erect,” no matter how vigorously you play. And if you think being perma-erect is a hot look, just wait until you see how it makes you partner feel.

How do I switch positions?

Just bend the adjustable hinge however you want, and the toy will stay in place. Since the toy is poseable, you get to make it comfortable for you and your partner, no matter your gender or size. It’s one toy for any position or pair of bodies, no special accessories required.

what are the dimensions?

Wearer's end: 5" long, 1.75" wide
Receiver's end: 6.5" long, 1.5" wide
Overall toy length: 10"


Couples love our SHARE double dildo, but they’ve told us it doesn’t work for every type of play. So, for people who like the spontaneity of harness-free FUN, we created SHARE LITE. It’s 22% lighter, so your pelvic floor muscles can hold it more easily. The giver’s end is also wider, for a tighter fit and an awesome feeling of fullness.
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