Though FUN FACTORY has a big reputation, we’re a small brand that makes careful decisions based on our beliefs. More than we want to be the biggest, splashiest brand on the market, we want to make our products the right way. Here’s a look at the principles that guide us.


FUN FACTORY’s reason for being is pleasure, and that starts with treating workers right. Our factory is based in Germany, which has some of the world’s best protections for worker safety, wages, and accessibility. The people who mold, test, pack, and ship your toys are all fairly paid and working in a safe environment. (Want to take a peek inside our factory? Here’s an overview, and here’s Epiphora’s tour.)

In our corporate offices, we offer excellent benefits, including generous vacation time and health insurance. Doing all this not only helps us attract the best people; it’s also the right thing to do.


It is every person’s responsibility to protect our planet, and at FUN FACTORY, we take that responsibility seriously. We manufacture all our toys in a low-emissions factory, which is also where we ship our toys from. This way, we can almost completely avoid shipping parts to ourselves. And our comprehensive recycling program saves 40 tons of resources each year!

Our eco-friendly practices even extend to our packaging: We use locally sourced, recyclable cardboard. If you’re looking for details on our earth-friendly practices, you can read our blog post about them or watch this short video.


When we write about sex, we understand that it means more than one thing. Some people are into kink, some people are transitioning, some people host play parties, and so on—and we support pleasure for all of them. Two certified sex educators work for FUN FACTORY full-time, ensuring that we share accurate information with a sexually diverse audience.

We also design toys inclusively: Our looped handles are ideal for people with mobility issues, and most of the toys can be used across the gender spectrum. Our ideal of inclusivity also extends to our employees, who are diverse in terms of race, age, religion, and nationality.


There’s a reason why FUN FACTORY has one of the lowest return rates in the industry. For one thing, our toys are handmade, so we can often catch potential defects before they happen. For another thing, each of our toys undergoes rigorous testing—for motor quality, charging capacity, underwater use, and more—before it leaves our factory.

We also listen to customer feedback, which allows us to release toys based on demand and perfect designs over time. Bonus: All these practices cut down on waste, too!