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A penis toy with a royal look

  • Strong motor turns your penis into a vibe
  • Wraps around the penis for stroking or pinpoint pleasure
  • Makes any blowjob feel like deep throat
  • Ridges hold onto lube for an easy glide
  • Adapts to any size penis
  • Sophisticated Garnet color


Vibrating Stroker


Rechargeable (with charging level indicator)


6 Speeds & 6 patterns


Travel Lock


18 cm and Ø 3 cm


228 g

Battery Life

40 - 120 minutes

Charging Time

6 - 8 hours


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic


Black: 5300808

Deep sea blue: 5300859

Moss green: 5300878

WEEE register no.


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Ways to Play with MANTA

How to play with Jewel MANTA vibrating stroker, use it for solo pleasure

Stroke It or Park It

MANTA can glide up and down the shaft or focus its mighty vibrations on any sensitive spot. Try using the toy around the tip, just beneath the tip, or at any point on the shaft. Find something that feels amazing!

Use Jewel MANTA couples vibrator during sex, hold at base of penis

Share the Vibe

During partner play, choose a position that leaves some of the penis exposed (cowgirl is great for this). Then, wrap MANTA around the shaft. You and your partner will both get off on its intense vibrations.

Try Jewel MANTA for a better blowjob

Level Up Your Blowjobs

Hold the toy at the bottom of the penis shaft for an earth-shattering BJ. The vibrations help stimulate all of your penis, making oral feel like deep throat.

A Legendary Stroker with a Luxe Look

What’s unique about this vibrating stroker?

Lots of penis toys are, to put it plainly, ugly. MANTA has a sleek design, and the Jewels edition in particular is a dignified shade of purple. The toy is also wildly versatile: Use it as a stroker during solo play, turn your penis into a vibe during couples’ play, or dial your blowjobs up to 11.

What’s that about turning my penis into a vibrator?

The toy turns your penis into a vibrator, that’s what! MANTA’s motor is strong enough that vibrations will travel all along your penis without being too overwhelming. This way, you can share the sensation with your partner during intercourse. It feels amazing; trust us.

How do I use it during blowjobs?

You can use it however you want, but people usually use it in one of two ways during oral: Either they hold it at the base of the penis for a deep-throat feel, or their partner strokes the toy along the shaft while focusing their mouth on the tip.

How do I masturbate with MANTA?

You’ll apply lube to the little ridges inside the wings, which handily grip the lube for a smoother glide. As you stroke, you’ll notice that the wings and the deep groove in the center of the toy both move along with the vibration. That means you feel the motor even more intensely. You’re welcome.

Is the toy easy to use?

It couldn’t be simpler! MANTA’s looped handle is easy to grip, even with slippery lube hands, and the three raised buttons let you control the toy without a second thought—even in the dark.

Does MANTA play nicely with strap-ons?

Indeed it does! The vibrations travel through a silicone toy the same way they’d travel through a penis. You can also use a MANTA-enhanced dildo on yourself, rather than strapping it on.

Can MANTA do anything for a vulva?

Yes, and how. You can tilt it on its side and rest the wings against your vulva to stimulate the inner labia, or press your external clit between the wings.

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