Red panties with sex toys popping out in many colors

There are as many sexual preferences as there are people, so one vibe definitely does not fit all. If you already know how you like to play, or what you want to explore, we’ll help you find your next go-to toy. Just find the description that fits you best and read on!

Looking specifically for butt stuff? We've got that, too! Check out our toys and tips for anal!


For vulvas and more

Volta in petrol

Love power?

VOLTA is our strongest toy. Power meets precision. If you like the power of wands and you’re looking for something less intrusive and more couple-friendly, this is a good choice. Bonus, this is great for trans folks with growth downstairs who want a stroking experience.


Stronic Real handsfree thrusting toy in dark violet

Want something that feels natural?

STRONIC REAL, our self-thrusting toy with a lifelike shape, has a tapered shaft for your comfort. The toy delivers everything from light pulsing to powerful thrusting, for internal vaginal massage and hours of ahhhhs.

Stronic Surf pulsator petrol turquoise

Not into vibration?

Meet STRONIC SURF. Many women prefer “humping” or friction in their solo play, or vibration is too strong for them. This toy offers hands-free pulsing that will hit the spot—again and again.


Miss Bi Rabbit Style Vibrator in Pink

Like both internal and external vibes?

MISS BI is your match. If you like a lot of stimulation internally and externally, this is the perfect toy. Its design hugs the body and allows constant contact with the clit and the G-spot.

SUNDAZE pulsevibe in pistachio green 

Looking to boost arousal and play with different sensations?

Prep your snacks! SUNDAZE is your stay-in-bed-all-day kind of vibe. With movement patterns that no other toy can deliver and a design that hits 3 different types of nerve endings, SUNDAZE is all about long, indulgent play sessions.

Big Boss XL Vibrator in Pink

Want girth and power?

BIG BOSS is our largest shape and our strongest motor. It’s great for thrusting, reaching the A-spot, and an awesome feeling of fullness.


For penises and more

Manta deep sea blue

Want to try something award-winning?

MANTA won XBIZ’s Sex Toy of the Year award and continues to be one of our top-selling products. This toy is great for stroking and frenulum-based orgasms, and it can turn your penis into a vibrator when you’re playing with a partner!

Cobra Libre II black and red

Looking for lazy, hands-free masturbation?

COBRA LIBRE II was the first vibrator designed for people with penises to enjoy hands-free, with or without an erection. Its two motors engulf the head of the penis, focusing the stimulation for a frenulum-based orgasm. If you haven’t had one, you are missing out. It can take a lazy day of watching TV to the next level.


For couples and more

Manta penis stroker in green

Want to turn your penis into a vibrator?

It's MANTA, again! With our strongest motor and a design that sends vibrations all the way up the shaft, MANTA really is a vibrator built for two. Just place it at the base of the shaft and let the German-engineered motor do the rest. Plus, this toy is a great BJ-enhancer!

NOS vibrating c-ring

Looking for something hands-free but still powerful?

NŌS isn’t round, because your penis isn’t. Instead, two raised pressure points cradle the base of the penis, and the flat shape means more comfortable wear. The toy has a flexible, cozy fit with an expertly designed curve that allows two motors to hit the clit. Simultaneous orgasms, here we come!

BE ONE vibrating touch toy

Is your love language touch?

If you’re one for loving caresses and gentle teasing, BE·ONE is the toy for you. It fits comfortably and securely between your fingers and vibrates wherever you touch. Every stroke is even more delicious with this vibe at hand.


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