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Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you which gift to buy—and who better than people who think about sex toys all day every day? We asked our staff for their go-to toys to give as gifts, and they delivered. Whether you’re shopping for a holiday, a bachelorette party, or just because you bff needs a vibrator upgrade, our expert smut-peddlers have you covered.


Fun Factory Laya 3 held in a hand

Lizanne: LAYA III

Best for: Folks who don't like internal vibration

Why this toy? It’s very discreet and very versatile. I love the all-purpose, straight-up, easy-to-hold, nice rumbliness of LAYA III. It can be used many different ways on all sorts of bodies, and it's great for anyone who prefers external vibration, from newbies to old hands.

Fun Factory Tiger held in a hand

Arianna: TIGER

Best for:  Someone who likes to experiment.

Why this toy? From its sizable length to its meaty girth to its ridged texture, TIGER offers many ways to please the vulva or ass. And because the shaft is so flexible, you can actually bend it to massage the labia as you thrust.

Sutil Rich in all sizes displayed

Kristen: SUTIL Rich

Best for:  Everyone. Seriously, everybody needs good lube.

Why this toy? It's long-lasting, never sticky, and leaves no residue. I love that it has hyaluronic acid to help boost your hydration. It's a true game-changing lube.

Fun Factory Manta held in a hand

Michael: MANTA

Best for:  Penis owners and couples looking to add vibration to their play in a really creative way.

Why this toy? There are many ways to play with MANTA, as it's one of our most versatile products. It doesn’t matter if you’re a penis or vulva owner. MANTA’s design allows vibration to hit all your erogenous zones—and it can turn a penis into a vibrator!

Fun Factory Magnum held in a hand


Best for:  Someone building up their toy box or partners wanting to strap on.

Why this toy? Not too big, not too small—I call MAGNUM the “Goldilocks” of dildos. For someone who has a few toys and is looking to expand their collection, I think every toy box needs a good-quality, versatile dildo. It's also harness-compatible, so for partners wanting to try strap-on play, you can't go wrong with a MAGNUM plus a nice harness!

Fun Factory Volta in pink held in a hand

Jeanelle: VOLTA

Best for:  Power queens (and kings, and nonbinary royalty)

Why this toy? This is a fantastic external toy for tickling and teasing any body from head to toe and everything in-between! It has that pinpoint action for fun vulva and frenulum stimulation. Plus! If you blindfold a partner, you can use VOLTA as a very stimulating sensation toy. And for you rope bunnies, the handle is perfect for tying onto the body.

Fun Factory Bootie held in hand


Best for: All my friends I've already gifted vibrators!

Why this toy? This plug is a no-fuss good time, especially great for friends who are looking to expand their play from focusing only on genitals. I also like to give butt plugs to couples so that if it's not one person's jam, maybe the other person can use it!

Fun Factory Big Boss held in hand

Nora again: BIG BOSS (I thought of another one!)

Best for: Your best friend and favorite size queen

Why this toy? Honestly, I've given the BIG BOSS to a few friends who I knew were already into powerful vibes. It definitely isn't one to give if you're not sure about gifting a toy in the first place, but for the right person it's a hit. Despite its appearance, this toy is also a great external vibe and awesome for grinding on. No matter what, it makes a statement and I usually get a follow-up text down the line that they loved it!

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