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Maybe you have a few toys that always do the trick when you’re getting it on with a partner or having a fling. If you haven’t also tried them during solo play, you’re missing out. When repurposed as solo toys, our couples’ products stimulate different hot spots and deliver totally new, equally intense pleasures. Read on for tips on hacking partner toys for solo FUN. 


Fun Factory NOS cock ring on a white background

Vulva owners: Though NŌS is technically a c-ring, you can always wear it on your hand. Just thread your fingers through the opening, run the two curvy extensions along your labia, and let the rumbly twin motors do their thing. The toy stimulates all your most sensitive areas, from the clit to the inner labia to the vaginal opening. 

If you’re working with a penis, NŌS will work for you. While you’re masturbating, turn the toy upside down, so its extensions vibrate against the balls. By pleasing your shaft and testicles at the same time, you can reach an even bigger O. (See how Zachary Zane describes his full-body orgasm in his review.)

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Share Lite Fun Factory toy on a white backgroundA double dildo’s also a safe bet for solo FUN. Here’s how you can try it with SHARE LITE: Use plenty of lube and insert the girthy end into your vagina or anus. Grab the longer end and use it like a lever, so the internal piece pushes and grinds inside you. The easy-to-control, close movement will get you off, fast. 



Fun Factory Be One toy on white background

BE·ONE, our ergonomic vibe that fits between the fingers, is great for a romantic caress. Did you know it’s also great for squirting? Try placing the vibe between your middle and index fingers and inserting it into your vagina, palm facing up. Curve your fingers and the toy toward your G-spot, and add pressure on the outside by pushing your other hand just above the pubic bone. Relax into the feeling, let go, and you may find yourself wetter than ever.



Fun Factory Amor dildo on white background

You don’t have to work our AMOR dildo with your hands—if you have a flat surface somewhere, you can stick the toy’s suction base to it. AMOR’s realistic size makes it comfortable for grinding and excellent for cowgirl, since you won’t accidentally go too deep.


Fun Factory Limba dildo on white background
LIMBA FLEX is a favorite for strap-on play: Its tapered tip makes it comfy for the receiver, and thanks to its flexible inner wire, it bends and holds its shape. It’s equally great for solo anal play for the same reasons! If you’re just graduating from butt plugs, try the small size for a natural next step. When you bend the toy into a C-shape, it’ll hit the prostate precisely.
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