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Before we say anything else, good news: We’re selling SUNDAZE at the new, lower price of $169.99. Now it costs the same as our other pulsators, aka our STRONIC toys or self-thrusters.

When they’re all priced the same, how can you choose between STRONICS? Well, one way is to compare how fast they’ll get you off. Some toys, like STRONIC SURF, are known for intense motor power that leads to a quick O. Others, like SUNDAZE, are known for versatility and tons of settings, which is better for edging.

Below, we’ve ranked our pulsators from the most powerful—for quickies—to the most playful—for slowgasms. Get to know each, and decide which one deserves to be the star of your next sesh.


Stronic Surf pulsator

STRONIC SURF is an award-winner for a reason. Its ridged design gives your clitorial legs a rhythmic massage, and it also pleases the perineal sponge, a nerve-rich area along the back wall of the vagina that most toys miss. All that stimulation lets you climax quickly and spectacularly.


Bi Stronic Fusion Thrusting Vibrator

BI STRONIC FUSION has a girthy self-thrusting shaft and a smaller vibrating arm for the external clit. In other words, it’s a combination pulsator and rabbit vibe. By delivering dual stimulation with two powerful motors, this toy will have vulva owners seeing stars. (Oh, and if you’re into butt stuff, it’s also anal-safe.) With eight speeds and eight patterns for a total of 64 combinations, this toy lets you experiment and discover, too.



Stronic G in pink

STRONIC G has a firm, curved tip designed to press against the G-spot with whatever intensity you choose. The G-spot loves steady, targeted massage, and this toy delivers, treating you to a deeper orgasm. It offers less intense stimulation than STRONIC SURF or BI STRONIC FUSION, but plenty of room to experiment, with seven speeds and three patterns. Plus, plenty of STRONIC G fans have found that it helps them experience squirting!


Stronic Real thursting sex toy
STRONIC REAL has a realistic shape and tapered shaft for maximum comfort. It has seven speeds and three settings, plus a battery life of up to two hours between charges, giving you plenty of time to experiment and play.


Sundaze thrusting pulsevibe

SUNDAZE is our single most versatile toy. It taps, strokes, vibrates, and flutters, delivering a total of 15 sensations, all hands-free. Another reason it’s perfect for experimentation? It stimulates nerve endings other toys can’t, so it can blow your mind in a totally new way. Because SUNDAZE makes it easy to switch things up, it’s also a great toy for edging. The sheer variety of stimulation means you discover, explore, and slowly build to a bigger climax—the signature SUNDAZE slowgasm.

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