One of the best-loved toys on the planet just got even better.

We took a famous design and improved it with our strongest-ever motor, so it’s as intense as you want. The vibrations can also be gentle without losing their rumbly quality—VIM's got range! It’s versatile enough to go anywhere, on any body, and simple enough to use with your eyes closed, although you’ll probably want to see this design.

Get more magic out of your wand

✓ 50% quieter than the leading wand
✓ Customizable rumbly vibrations
✓ Lightweight handle with textured grip
✓ Flexible neck for ultimate comfort
✓ Made in Germany


A rumblier, quieter, lighter wand

Power lovers and sensitive solo players, here’s a toy you can all agree on. VIM has a fuller range of vibrations than the leading competitor. Even better, its unique motor delivers a weighted rumble that feels amazing at any speed, never buzzy or aggressive. Plus, VIM is 50% quieter and 32% lighter than the leading wand.

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Who is VIM designed for?

Whether you're a seasoned wand user or a total newbie, VIM's range of vibrations are sure to please. It's great for full-body massage, and versatile enough for solo and couples.


You can microadjust the intensity in every setting and pattern on VIM. Just hold down (-) to gradually decrease the intensity, or hold (+) to increase it to your liking.

When you quickly press the buttons, the speed will automatically jump to the top of the next range for steady vibration, or the middle of the range for patterns.

How do I clean VIM?

VIM is splash-proof, making for easy cleanup with a damp rag or a spritz of toy cleaner.

What's with the ridges?

Every detail counts. The ridges on the handle help you grip VIM, even when things get slippery. The ridges on the head enhance sensation and help hold lube.

  • amazing, strong, rumbly, quiet

    My first wand vibe! Sooo rumbly and relatively quiet, the quality of this toy is amazing. The silicone coated head and handle are great too.

  • Great toy!

    i’ve had a lot of vibes over the years, but this one is by far my favorite.

  • the old couple with the vim

    Married 52 Years and The VIM has turned us into our Twenties again! Go VIM or Stay Home!!!YES.

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