Feeling a little sensitive or super romantic? It’s not just a Valentine’s Day hangover—Pisces season has just begun! Here’s what that’ll mean for you in bed.


Horniscopes Aries Header


This month, Rams, you should try scheduling sex if you haven’t already. The anticipation adds to the FUN, and it’ll bring you and your person closer. As the time approaches, watch porn or sex technique videos to get in the mood.

Your snack of the month: Slow-cooker chocolate cake, because it’s worth the wait


Horniscopes Taurus Header


Bulls, you and your partner will focus on the non-physical elements of your connection, like conversation and care. Help your person with their daily to-dos, like cooking a healthy dinner or doing the laundry. If you’re turned on and they’re not in the mood, you can always reach for a dildo or vibe!

Your snack of the month: A blueberry muffin, because they’re single-serving and still a real treat

Horniscopes Header Gemini


It’s time to question whether your partner(s) are into you for the wrong reasons. Remember that solo play is better than hookups with a questionable person. You can always heighten your self-pleasure with a bestselling toy like MISS BI, our rabbit vibe, or MANTA, our vibrating stroker.

Your snack of the month: An ice cream cake, because it isn’t quite how it looks on the outside

Horniscopes Cancer Header


Beware that mindless distractions can take a toll on your love life. Take some intentional time away from your devices and get cozy—and/or get busy—with your partner or yourself. Before you unplug, though, make sure your toys are fully charged!

Your snack of the month: Home-baked bread with butter, because sometimes it’s best to do things the old-fashioned way

Horniscopes Leo Header


Lions, you may have a rough time this month. The stars advise you to take romantic and/or sexual rejection in stride. Self-love will get you through it! Treat yourself to things that feel luxurious, like bubble bath or lounging in a soft robe.

Your snack of the month: Caviar, because it’s pure indulgence

Horniscopes Virgo Header


The stars are cautioning you to distinguish between sex and love. Clear communication, as always, is key. If you’re not sure about someone, test the waters with some no-presh, stress-free, during-the-day hangouts.

Your snack of the month: Pancake/waffle mix, because it forces you to make a decision

Libra Horniscopes Header


This month, single Libras, your luck in love will change for the better. Prep by picking out a couples’ toy you’d like to try. NŌS, our c-ring for simultaneous orgasm, and SHARE LITE, our no-harness-needed double dildo, open up new sexual possibilities.

Your snack of the month: French fries, because they’re great to hoard or share

Horniscopes Header Scorpio


Scorpions, this month, focus on feeling the love you already have. If you’re single, revel in your friends’ affection and indulge in pleasure from your favorite vibe. Our girthy TIGER vibrator and COBRA LIBRE II penis head vibrator have pleased thousands of happily single people.

Your snack of the month: Hot cocoa, because it’s cozy as hell

Horniscopes Sagittarius Header


If you’re a Sag in a relationship, keep the Valentine’s vibe going. Celebrate your partner with something sensual, like a shared bubble bath or a massage. The Sexy Travel Set has a massage candle, a bath soak, lickable dust, and other stuff for a flirty night in.

Your snack of the month: Fondue, because it’s FUN and shareable

Horniscopes Capricorn Header


Capricorns, the stars want you to open up to your partner this month. Share your dreams, plans, and even your fantasies. You might have the chance to make some of them come true. Get a guide to this sexual heart-to-heart (junk-to-junk?) with any couples’ toy—each of them comes with a Yes/No/Maybe game that’ll get you describing all the things you want to try.

Your snack of the month: An apple, because you have to open up wide to eat it

Horniscopes Header Aquarius


Is your relationship, or the dating scene, starting to feel stale? A new sex act can reinvigorate it. Try looking for technique videos from FUN FACTORY or other trustworthy sources. Or a versatile vibe, like SUNDAZE or VOLTA, could inspire you to experiment.

Your snack of the month: Popcorn, because it adapts to all sorts of flavor profiles, depending on your mood

Horniscopes Header Pisces


Pisces, this month, it’s all about commitment. If you’re dating, it might be time for the DTR conversation. If you’re in a relationship, please your partner by doing their favorite thing in bed. And if that thing is oral sex? Our BLOW & GLOW Kit will take it to the next level.

Your snack of the month: A popsicle, because it’ll show off your oral fixation

All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.