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Taurus season will make you want to luxuriate in sensual touch, whether you’re massaging your own skin or grinding against your partner. What will the sign’s pleasure-seeking, stubborn, dependable vibe mean for your sex life? Find the answer in your horniscope below—plus, get your underwear of the month.


Horniscopes Aries Header


This season, you’ll be setting some boundaries in your relationship. Let your person know how and how often you like to communicate, and if you want to make any changes in bed. Remember that you don’t have to say yes to everything to be sex-positive! 

Your underwear of the month: A brand-new pair, so you and your partner can talk about it and start a longer conversation


Horniscopes Taurus Header


Happy birthday, Bulls! Here’s your gift from the universe: Your love life will be dreamy this season. Revel in the giddy feelings by using whimsical toys, like our PATCHY PAUL or DIVA DOLPHIN vibes, with your person. You could also use any other toy and make up a sex game—with your partner’s consent, of course!

Your underwear of the month: Something with lace for the dreamlike vibe


Horniscopes Header Gemini


Oh hi, Twins. The stars are inspiring you to flirt like crazy this season. Need some inspo? Check out our blog post, “How to Be Horny on Main,” for tips on seducing someone over social media. If you prefer to flirt IRL, just make sure you smell nice!

Your underwear of the month: Whatever makes your ass look best, because you’ll want to show it off


Horniscopes Cancer Header


Crabs, this season is the best time to break free. If an unfulfilling relationship is bumming you out, cut ties and gradually rid yourself of any reminders of the other person. Then, celebrate the single life with our “Single with Swagger” playlist. Extra credit: Perform a singles’ anthem at karaoke.

Your underwear of the month: Anything comfy, because you get to prioritize yourself


Horniscopes Leo Header


Want a spring fling, Lions? The stars are aligned in your favor. Keep a battery-operated vibe like OCEAN in your car, in case you meet someone cute and want to get it on right away. It’s nice to have extra lube on hand, too.

Your underwear of the month: A clean pair that you keep in your purse or tote bag, just in case


Horniscopes Virgo Header


You and your S.O. are red-carpet-ready this season. If you’re in a relationship, show off your person at parties, and if you’re dating, don’t be shy about posting your person on social. (A so-called “soft launch” is also okay!) If you’re into it, you can take private photos for each other, too. 

Your underwear of the month: Sparkly tap panties, because they get noticed


Libra Horniscopes Header


Spring is springing, and you have the chance to turn over a new leaf in your relationship—or start a new one altogether. The Yes/No/Maybe lists in our toys can help you learn or relearn each other’s tastes in bed. You might get your partner a gift card and pick out a toy together.

Your underwear of the month: A pair that’s hot from the dryer and feeling incredibly fresh, because hot and fresh is your vibe


Horniscopes Header Scorpio


Single Scorpions, this season will be a lucky one for your love life. If you’re in bed with a new cutie, try introducing a versatile toy, like our VOLTA or MASSAGE BULLET vibrator, for a full-body massage and stimulating external hot spots. 

Your underwear of the month: Something satiny, because your partner will want to touch it


Horniscopes Sagittarius Header


Whether you’re playing with someone new or deepening a LTR, this season will be a passionate one. Lean into the adventurous mood by trying tips from our blog post, “Beyond the Basics: Role Play, Spanking, and Sex Toys.” Reminder that B BALL UNO feels awesome when you wear it during a spanking!

Your underwear of the month: Something edible


Horniscopes Capricorn Header


Caps, your word of the moment is “reconnecting.” You might reconnect with a former flame, a long-distance partner, or even yourself. Start slow in bed: You can use our VIM wand, whose lowest settings are gentle but still pleasurable. Bonus: It’s super quiet!

Your underwear of the month: Something handmade, because it reflects thought and care


Horniscopes Header Aquarius


Mercury in retrograde will hit you especially hard, Aquarians, making communication more difficult. Our advice: Lay low. You can still pleasure yourself with a no-fail toy like our MISS BI rabbit vibe or MANTA penis stroker. By the time you’re ready to connect with another person, you’ll have self-knowledge you can use!

Your underwear of the month: A pair made of white or gray cotton, because you need something simple right now


Horniscopes Header Pisces


This season, you’re in striver mode, crushing it at work and in your personal goals. Don’t forget to reward yourself for all your effort! Find a new toy using one of our shopping guides, like “FUN FACTORY Customer Favorites.” Then, experiment with different ways of using your new toy—check our Toy Tips blog for ideas.

Your underwear of the month: A designer pair, because you earned it

All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.
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